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Use a Five-Step Buyer’s Guide to Speed Up Hybrid Cloud Decisions

VMware customers are modernizing applications and infrastructure to meet evolving digital demands. The good news is that it is easier than ever to upgrade your VMware footprint to support containerized applications and add one or more public clouds to meet short- and long-term goals:

  • Short term – Support urgent application modernization and business resiliency objectives during tumultuous times, for example, updating customer-facing applications and supporting a shift to remote work.
  • Long term – Meet evolving digital transformation goals and keep IT capability ahead of business demands to help business thrive during economic recovery.

Where to Start?

With a heavy investment in your current infrastructure and IT operating model, it is important to gauge what new IT service delivery capabilities you will need to meet business needs. You’ll then need to assess key solution capabilities that meet those needs as you shift operations and modernize applications in both private and public cloud environments.

A buyer’s guide is a great way to frame your thinking and systematically work through needs and capabilities to effectively prioritize your decision criteria.

VMware has just released The Hybrid Cloud Executive Buyer’s Guide which includes multiple detailed checklists and uses a five-step process that can help get all your decision-makers, cloud architects, and IT functional managers on the same page before you dig in and evaluate solutions.

In the past, many companies started their cloud journey with a simple migration target (for example, “we will move 60 percent of applications to the cloud”). But you can better align IT strategy with business needs by considering new application modernization efforts and strategic business goals. You should start with “why” and “what” discussions, followed by the inevitable debate about “who,” “how,” and “when.”

A five-step process that includes a checklist at each step focuses the conversation to be more business-aligned, helps break through siloed and territorial thinking and helps trigger thinking about key considerations that can accelerate your decision-making.

Using the checklists in the new guide, you can work through the following five stages and accelerate your hybrid cloud decision:

  1. Assess Needs – Why are you modernizing IT? What current and future use cases are the focus of your modernization efforts?
  2. Evaluate Operations – What services will you deliver? How will you organize and staff for agility, efficiency and governance control?
  3. Consider Private Cloud – How will you improve your existing infrastructure and service delivery to fit a cloud operating model?
  4. Examine Public Cloud – How will you pick the number of and which cloud providers? And address new challenges that come with pay-per-use and cloud scale?
  5. Get Started – Review a summary of VMware Cloud Foundation™, the leading private and hybrid cloud solution, as well as a variety of VMware services to plan and execute modernization of your current VMware footprint.

Adopting hybrid cloud is a powerful IT modernization strategy for achieving your organization’s application modernization and digital business goals. Use this guide to simplify and accelerate the process of selecting a hybrid cloud platform.

Download the IT Executive Buyer’s Guide eBook today.


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