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The Obvious Choice: A Single Platform for VM and Container Workloads

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it!”

– Yogi Berra

If you’re an IT infrastructure and cloud decision-maker, chances are you are prioritizing both application and infrastructure modernization to make digital transformation a success. In a recent TechTarget survey of over 3,500 IT buyers, 38% of respondents ranked application modernization as a key 2020 development initiative. But nearly 40% of IT decision-makers cited infrastructure and network modernization as their Number One priority!

Application modernization often involves a move to container-based workloads. But traditional infrastructure—and its siloed management—doesn’t support the automated and programmatic consumption of infrastructure resources that containerized workloads and agile and automated development practices demand.

This leads to several important questions about the kind of modern infrastructure needed to support new modern, cloud native applications:

  • How can you support different types of app modernization (rehost, replatform, refactor) that comes in waves to support specific digital needs?
  • How can IT support a mix of application types in production at scale?
  • How can IT deploy and manage all workload types across on-premises and public cloud environments without increasing complexity?

You may find yourself at a crucial decision point between two fundamentally different options to meet these challenges:

  1. Keep your existing VM-oriented platform and get a second new platform for managing containers.
  2. Keep your existing platform used for VM workloads and add critical capabilities that support new containerized workloads.

In the new Tech Target eBook, Application Modernization Today: 6 Reasons to Choose a Consistent Infrastructure Platform, we dig deep into the key issues that highlight why the best choice is to add Kubernetes and container support to your existing VMware stack.

The guide explores how a consistent, software-defined hybrid cloud infrastructure platform can help you:

  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Enable your remote workforce
  • Support all types of application modernization
  • Reduce complexity and mitigate operational risk
  • Leverage future ready infrastructure
  • Empower developers with VMs and containers

Why introduce unnecessary costs, risks and inefficiencies? The better and faster approach to app modernization is a single software-defined hybrid cloud infrastructure platform that offers consistent infrastructure and operations for all application types, across all on-premises, hosted-provider, and cloud environments.

Download the Application Modernization Today eBook to learn how to choose the best future ready strategy for application modernization.


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