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Real World Use Cases for Composable Hybrid Cloud at HPE Discover

Real World Use Cases for Composable Cloud at HPE Discover

At HPE Discover in Las Vegas June 18-20th, VMware will have a very strong presence (booth 420), including a number of featured breakout sessions that highlight the strengths of the VMware-HPE alliance.  The VMware-HPE team is also very proud of the fact that VMware was selected as the Technology Partner of the Year for 2019 for Software-Defined Solutions which was announced Monday night at the HPE Alliances Reception and Rewards Ceremony.   What an amazing recognition of the work that VMware has done to support our HPE partnership!


Throughout the conference, you can discover all of the 28 feature VMware sessions, including technical breakouts, Hands-on Labs and of course, lots of demos.  The demonstrations and labs highlight the latest HPE VSAN ReadyNode appliances, vSphere with PKS/Containers plus a number of composable Hybrid Cloud use cases that we’ll summarize in this blog.

Figure 1: Meet VMware at booth 420 at HPE Discover in Vegas

Before drilling into the set of demos that will be showcased, here are a couple of breakout sessions that are a must-see while at HPE Discover for anyone interested in Hybrid Cloud and composable infrastructure (for more information see the HPE Discover Catalog):

  • VMware vSAN + ProLiant = Great First Step to Hybrid IT (Session ID B9768)
    • Wednesday, June 19, 2019 9:00 a.m. – 10 a.m. Speaker – Tom Nagelmeyer Sr. Product Marketing Manager.
  • Take the fast lane to building a secure and scalable hybrid cloud with HPE Synergy and VMware Cloud Foundation (Session ID B8573)
    • Wednesday June 19th, 2019 1:30 – 2:30PM. Speakers – Krista Satterthwaite, VP and GM, HPE and John Gilmartin, VP and GM VMware.
  • Synergy composability with VMware Cloud Foundation (Session ID B9769)
    • Wednesday, June 19, 2019 04:30 p.m. – 05:30 p.m. Speaker – Josh David, Sr. Partner Specialist, VMware.

Also, highly recommended are the HPE LiveLabs (Session LL9763) and Demos (Session Demo1815) that run through the duration of the show and feature VMware Cloud Foundation as part of a number of software-defined infrastructure hands-on labs at HPE Discover.


At the transformation showcase, demonstrations by the technical teams always take center stage with VMware and HPE highlighting composable infrastructure and Hybrid Cloud as the main technical themes.  Anyone interested to learn more about PKS infrastructure, composable systems and full-stack hyperconverged infrastructure should stop by VMware booth (#420) to engage with the technical staff and take any of demos, but these are worth highlighting in this blog:


Demo #1: Radically Simple Storage for the Software-Defined Data Center Composable, Software Defined Storage features a technical overview of VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes from HPE.

Demo #2: VMware PKS on HPE Synergy – Containers are taking off in the market place. VMware PKS on VCF on Synergy is the perfect solution for customers who want to deploy Containerized applications in their Enterprise. Come learn how VMware PKS addresses not only Day 0 deployment, but also addresses the entire Life Cycle Management for Containers in production.

Demo #3: Composable, Software Defined Private Cloud features VMware Cloud Foundation + HPE Synergy, this demo really highlights the power, agility and flexibility of the Cloud Foundation platform powering composable, infrastructure to deliver on-premises cloud operations with the agility and flexibility of public cloud.

The composable use case is definitely worth digging deeper into, because it shows the power of VMware Cloud Foundation, working in unison with HPE Synergy composable infrastructure to provide compute, storage and networking resources that are fully integrated, secure and elastic.   This integration is the result of intense development and qualification to offer the first full-stack composable infrastructure powered by VMware Cloud Foundation.  This integrated reference architecture is detailed in the diagram below (download the pdf here).

Figure 2: Private Cloud Architecture with VMware Cloud Foundation and HPE Synergy

The integration utilizes a Redfish translation server, which allows VMware Cloud Foundation to control the HPE Synergy composable hardware which can also be managed through the HPE OneView management server to perform or validate the initial hardware configuration.   As shown in figure 3 below, once the initial hardware configuration is complete, the ongoing management, provisioning and maintenance of workload domains can be managed by a cloud administrator through the VMware Cloud Foundation SDDC manager without requiring specific knowledge of the underlying hardware.  This capability is extremely powerful in private cloud environments supporting test/dev, where resources are required only for specific time intervals, after which the physical and virtual resources can be returned to the available resource pool.

Figure 3: HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure Managed through VMware Cloud Foundation

Once completed, VMware Cloud Foundation enables cloud administrators to install and deploy VMware vSAN storage, vSphere Host and NSX network resources dynamically to compose and decompose private cloud infrastructure rapidly and securely.  Cloud Foundation also handles all of the software lifecycle management and compliance requirements from that point forward. This use case is a great fit for high velocity, rapid dev/test sprints where the admins need to provide elastic infrastructure, but the data must remain on-premises for data security or locality reasons.


This is only a sample of the kind of technology innovations that will be showcased at HPE Discover in Vegas this week for our mutual customers, so please stop by the VMware booth (#420) to meet with the business and technical teams on site.  At the booth, there will be plenty of deep dive demos and presentations, plus opportunities to win a Lego set or VMworld 2019 passes and other prizes and giveaways.  To stay on top of the happenings at HPE Discover, follow @vmwareevents, @vmwcf or @sddccommander.



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