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A Six Demo Guide to VMware Cloud Foundation 3.5

With the release of VMware Cloud Foundation 3.5, we wanted to provide our loyal customers with six how-to demos to help showcase all of its bells and whistles. We’ve compiled all these videos together in one handy blog—consider this your one-stop shop for all things Cloud Foundation 3.5. From the latest updates to cutting-edge enhancements, these demo videos will help you learn how to get the most out of VMware Cloud Foundation 3.5.

Cloud Foundation 3.5

Host Cleanup in Cloud Foundation

In VMware Cloud Foundation, there are multiple methods for cleaning up previously decommissioned hosts in order to reset their configuration and remove old disk partitions in preparation for re-assignment. In this demo, VMware reviews those options available for host cleanup, either manually or automated with SOS utility.


Cloud Foundation Network Pool Deployment

When deploying VMware Cloud Foundation, you should definitely consider using Network Pools. Cloud Foundation simplifies data center operations with features that save time and reduce the potential for human error. Check out this demo to see how VMware creates a Network Pool for hosts that will be used in an NFS workload domain.


NSX-T Workload Domain Deployment

VMware Cloud Foundation makes it easy to deploy new workload domains using new technology, such as NSX-T. This allows VMware to deploy some of the latest technology to support key business objectives. In this video, VMware provides in-depth instructions on how to deploy an NSX-T workload domain through Cloud Foundation 3.5’s SDDC manager.


Bulk Host Commission in Cloud Foundation

With VMware Cloud Foundation, it’s painless to add new capacity to your private cloud. Simply install ESXI, add DNS records, then use the SDDC manager to commission new hosts. In this clip, VMware demonstrates how to commission groups of hosts in Cloud Foundation 3.5.


Cloud Foundation Creation of VI Workload Domains

By simplifying data center operations, VMware Cloud Foundation enables customers to leverage existing investments in NFS storage by providing the ability to create a workload domain using NFS V3 as the primary storage. Watch this video to see how VMware deploys an NFS-backed virtual infrastructure workload domain in Cloud Foundation 3.5.


Third-Party Certificate Replacement in Cloud Foundation

Using the powerful automation capabilities built into the SDDC manger, users can quickly secure the components of VMware Cloud Foundation 3.5. This allows customers to secure their entire software-defined data center environment and lower the cloud administration costs of their private data center. Here’s a how-to guide for replacing certificates using an external third-party certificate provider.


As you begin your journey with Cloud Foundation 3.5, we hope these videos serve as a helpful resource. Keep your eyes peeled for more demos and in the meantime be sure to visit our blog or dive into Cloud Foundation Hands-on Labs for more insights!

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