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Cloud Foundation Takes on the Globe

We’ve already shown you how VMware Cloud Foundation—the simple, agile and secure hybrid cloud platform that offers integrated cloud infrastructure and management services to run enterprise applications in both private and public environments—has been helping organizations across the U.S. digitally transform and modernize their data centers and IT infrastructure. Now it’s time to pick up our passports and go global with Cloud Foundation.

Whether it’s the field of healthcare, retail, government, education or everything else in between, Cloud Foundation enables enterprises worldwide to modernize their entire IT infrastructure. The proof is in the pudding, and the following customer case studies detail the expansive functionalities of Cloud Foundation and the hybrid cloud. Read on for the industry-agnostic benefits it can deliver to companies around the globe.

Cloud Foundation Prescribes Needed Innovation to Healthcare Company

To standardize and reduce risk, one German healthcare company filled a prescription for Cloud Foundation to alleviate its IT woes. As part of a larger effort to accelerate innovation, reduce operational costs and embrace a multi-cloud strategy, the company plans to move to a new data center with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). Adopting Cloud Foundation enables the company to deliver highly efficient IT and accounting services all from a single source, along with consistent consolidation, revitalized process optimization and sensible standardization and harmonization. All in all, Cloud Foundation is just what the doctor ordered.

Building a Private Cloud with Cloud Foundation

A French public sector insurance provider purchased Cloud Foundation to build their own private cloud to simplify IT management. This switch from traditional storage to a hyper-converged architecture led to greater IT agility and the streamlined work processes that enabled the company to remain competitive. As the company continues to use Cloud Foundation to build out and eventually deploy their private cloud infrastructure, it has already achieved faster time to market, break-neck agility and automated updates/patching that have reduced day 2 operation complexity.

Getting Chic with Cloud Foundation

 This Spanish fashion group knows that IT modernization never goes out of style. It operates on a “virtualization first” policy for its IT infrastructure and adopted Cloud Foundation for its containerized environment to achieve greater lifecycle automation. It currently runs around 3,000 virtual machines in its environment, but Cloud Foundation will enable the fashion group to build a new environment with containers on bare metal for more agile and dynamic business transformation—an absolute gamechanger for the company. Now the company is ready to embrace an automated, next-gen business operations framework based around blockchain and IoT, which will enhance business mobility and bolster customer relations.

Cloud Foundation Best in Class for Italian Educational Institution

In efforts to reduce operating costs and increase security, an Italian university implemented a private cloud with Cloud Foundation as part of an overall goal to modernize its IT infrastructure through HCI. This allowed them to lower their investments on storage renewal thanks to the power of virtualization while reducing the effort necessary to maintain its existing infrastructure. On top of all that, micro-segmentation and security automation created a more simplified network architecture featuring greater state-of-the-art security. Is it any wonder Cloud Foundation is valedictorian of cloud infrastructure and management?

Want to learn more about Cloud Foundation? Check out our product page for a more in-depth technical breakdown and evaluate the product for 60 days at no cost here. If you want to see it in action for yourself, register today for our Hands-on Lab, which provides an end-to-end overview of the solution.


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