NSX-T is the next major evolution in VMware’s Software Defined Networking. The VMware Validated Design team constantly looks for solutions that will bring value to our customers. As NSX-T is one of those solutions we wanted to bring it into the design in such a way as to not disrupt existing customers deployments, which are based on NSX for vSphere.

We looked at where customers were likely to use the NSX-T features today. This approach lead us to bringing NSX-T into the VMware Validated Design in a workload domain. This allows new and existing deployments to continue leveraging NSX for vSphere in the management and compute workload domains, taking advantage of features such as Cross-Site NSX, while bringing in NSX-T for specific compute workload domains. This gives our customers the flexibility to determine the version of NSX that best suits their needs for their workloads.

Today, I get to announce the fruits of the past few months of my labor. An Early Access look at NSX-T in a Workload Domain. This early access design covers the architecture and design elements for adding NSX-T to a new VMware Validated Design workload domain.

You can download the Early Access Design from our communities site,

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