Sofware-Defined Data Center VMware Cloud Foundation

The VMware Cloud Foundation HOL is live!

VMware Cloud Foundation helps customers to easily deploy, operate and maintain their private cloud infrastructure. Cloud Foundation brings together VMware’s compute, storage, and network virtualization, combined with cloud management into a natively integrated stack, and allows you to deliver enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure with automation and management capabilities for simplified operations that are consistent across private and public clouds.

The newly launched VMware Cloud Foundation Hands on Lab (HOL-1846-01-SLN) has the ability to let you experience those things firsthand. This lab focuses on the core infrastructure pieces (vSphere, vSAN and NSX). Other labs in the HOL catalog highlight the cloud management aspects.

Inside of the lab we make use of all the software listed below to show an example of a fully deployed VMware Cloud Foundation™ System.

  • SDDC Manager / Life Cycle Manager
  • vSphere Enterprise Plus
  • Platform Services Controller (PSC)
  • vCenter Server
  • Virtual SAN (VSAN)
  • NSX
  • vRealize Operations
  • vRealize Log Insight
  • Horizon View
  • VMware App Volumes

Due to lab environment constraints we weren’t able to include vRealize Automation in this HOL, however it is showcased in several other labs, HOL-1821-01-CMP is a great place to start.

This lab is not click through, the software is actually deployed on nested hypervisors so you get as close to a genuine experience as possible. There is sizable lab manual to guide you through topics such as:

  • Using SDDC Manager
  • Workload Domain Exploration
  • Events, Auditing and Logging
  • Applying Automated Patches and Upgrades
  • Workload Domain reation/Deletion
  • Users, Roles and System Settings
  • vRealize Suite Integration
  • VMware Imaging Appliance – Initial Rack Imaging

We strongly recommend you adhere to the manual for the best experience. However, you can also venture off the path, it is a lab after all! To replicate this setup in a physical lab would take hundreds of gigs of RAM and multiple terabytes of storage.  If you want to know how it’s all put together, or if you want to take it all apart, you can do it all in the HOL-1846-01-SLN – Modernize Infrastructure – VMware Cloud Foundation HOL available now!

Head on over to and type 1846 in the “Search all catalogs” box at the top today!



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