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Customer Momentum: Government Research Agency Modernize Private Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation and vRealize Automation

As my colleague, Mauricio Barra, mentioned in his earlier post, VMware Cloud Foundation is resonating with customers in the market place and we have had significant customer momentum since launch. We are now transitioning into a phase where these initial customers are deploying and starting to realize the benefits of Cloud foundation.

A keAutomation_vRS_VCFy use case for VMware customers is to increase automation within the data center. This drives higher operation efficiency and frees up resources to focus on business innovation that will create enterprise value for our customers. From our initial set of customers, we are seeing a significant portion who are combining Cloud Foundation with vRealize Suite, specifically vRealize Automation, to enable automation within their private clouds. While Cloud Foundation provides the automation to provisioning IT infrastructure, vRealize Automation provides the automation for provisioning IT services that could also consume the underlying infrastructure.

For more information around the automation synergy that VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware vRealize Suite can create, please refer to the following post by Frank Wegner!

Let’s dive into an actual customer example!

Research_AgencyA case in point is a large European government research agency who recently purchased VMware Cloud Foundation with vRealize Suite to modernize its private cloud. This particular agency has the arduous task of providing on demand IT infrastructure/services for both its internal research organization and over 500 smaller laboratories within its country. These smaller laboratories do not have the resource to maintain their own IT infrastructure and turn to the government research agency for IT resources.

With growing demand, the government research agency’s IT team realized that it must invest in a new private cloud environment with more automation and capacity to support its R&D growth and better serve its customers. First, Cloud Foundation’s ability to automate the lifecycle management of the entire software stack means the IT team is relieved of the headache of constantly upgrading and patching the stack. In addition, Cloud Foundation also automates the provisioning of IT infrastructure through the concept of “workload domains”. This complements the capability of vRealize Automation, which seamlessly provides automated IT services to all end users. Leveraging the combine automation of these two software through a unified portal that is hosted by the government research agency, both internal and external stakeholders will be able to self-serve and provision IT services/resources that they need for their research requirements.

This example highlights the combined power of Cloud Foundation and vRealize Suite as an automated private cloud solution for our customer!

We will continue to share more of these customer stories, so please come back to learn more about how your peers are planning to take advantage of the capabilities of VMware Cloud Foundation.

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