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Join Us in Enabling a Totally Mobile Workforce

The pivot to remote work happened fast and made it difficult for many organizations to give employees secure access to apps and data from everywhere. Securing employees productivity and reliably without sacrificing performance became more important than ever.

The End User Computing unit (EUC) at VMware is helping over 60,000 customers to meet the requirements of the new way of work. Their mission is to help clients to enable hybrid and remote workforce successfully and securely. 

As the need for the solution is growing, the teams are growing exponentially too, looking for Java, C#, Angular and Android developers to join them.  If you are from Poland you are also welcome to apply. Enabling remote work is the promise of the product you’ll be working on. Check out the open positions here.

Joining the EUC group at VMware, you’ll be working for a product company, directly impacting the product development. Openness to new ideas and quick decision taking is in the DNA of the EUC organization’s culture. In this blog post we are meeting you with two of our new Polish colleagues.

Maria Karczewska and Marina Malynkina joined VMware in 2021 and are both working in the mobile development team, building the Android app for VMware’s email client called Boxer. It is an enterprise email client with focus on security that provides access to email, calendar, and contacts across corporate-owned devices and brings your own devices.  

“A less known fact is that VMware in EMEA has a fast growing mobile team with an end-to-end product ownership. If you are a seasoned mobile developer and you want to make a bold move into the enterprise world, VMware mobile team is the place to be ,” says Stanislav Nedyalkov, leader of the team. 

Both of them had experience with remote work before joining VMware, so the fact that the Boxer team is in Sofia was not an issue for them. Maria enjoys the freedom remote work gives her and she was impresses by how smoothly her remote onboarding was handled from a technical and personal perspective. All her colleagues were helpful and responsive and she never felt left out.

Maria Karczewska

The platform that enabled Maria’s smooth remote onboarding process is part of the solution that is being developed by the End User Computing group. VMware Workspace One is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that enables IT administrators to simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device, anywhere. It automates the connection between employees, apps and systems.  The platform is not just managing the users’ applications, but it’s helping employees have the best experience using them. 

Maria says that her role is really pushing her to get into her customers’ mind and provide the best possible solutions for the customer. “The emphasis on innovation and quality of work during the interview process really caught my attention. The manager of the team talked at length about the knowledge sharing events and the multitude of opportunities to grow within the company. This made me want to join this company and after I joined I found out all of this was true,” says Maria.

At the knowledge sharing events, which happen at a business unit level everyone can share an interesting solution to a problem they’ve discovered or anything else that would benefit the other members of the extended team. There are also smaller scale events for the Android team only. There’s a big focus on innovation and implementing any new ideas, which is made possible by the open mind for new concepts shared by the people in the company. People are encouraged to grow – both professionally and personally, for which the company provides many opportunities.

“All my colleagues are very cooperative. I love the atmosphere of openness to innovation, inclusion and readiness to act on implementing the new ideas. I have never felt left out,” says Maria.

Another aspect of working at VMware that impressed Maria is the social responsibility policy of the company – encouraging charity, facilitating the learning service, the environmental project. She received, as a part of her welcome package, a sum that she could donate to a cause of her choice. Read more about VMware environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

Marina Malynkina is also part of the Boxer team. Marina and her husband relocated to Poland a year ago and she started looking for an English environment company. Another important factor for her was to work for a product company, not an outsourcing one. Marina was looking for a place where, she could see the results of her work, having a direct impact on the product she’s developing. Then she found out that VMware had a mobile development unit, which also ticked the other requirements she had. Marina values the opportunity to work remotely, especially in a big city like Warsaw and this was also part of the deal.

Marina Malynkina

 “I received my laptop two weeks before the start of my contract. On the first day on the job I got an email and then I was able to get access to all the apps and systems I needed instantly,” says Marina. She adds that she completed a bunch of trainings related, many of them related to security as part of her onboarding process, which distinguishes VMware from other companies she has worked for.

Marina enjoys the diversity of people from different countries, she can communicate with.
“Being a part of our team feels like working for a small company within the big one. I also appreciate the multiple opportunities to grow,” says Marina.

If you can see yourself working at VMware, check out the open positions at the End User Computing group. We are looking forward to meeting you.


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