Career Journey

Every great thing starts with a “V”

  • Job title: Cloud Software Engineer
  • Years at VMware: 2 years
  • First job: My first job was working at Sofia university as a teaching assistant while studying there for my bachelor’s degree.
  • Fun fact: I love to do crazy activities like aquapark, theme park, ifly, jetski, buggies in the desert, and even taking care of my two nieces alone 🙂
  • Favorite social distancing activity: Me and my fiancée like spending our weekends exploring Bulgaria and finding quiet and secluded places with unique landscapes.

Why did you join VMware?

My motto is “Every great thing starts with V.” The same applies to VMware. I joined the company since I believe it can give me many opportunities. Besides programming, I love learning new technologies, teaching programming, and communicating with many different people.

I love to teach, this is one of the things I am good at, but I decided that it would be very time-consuming to teach at the university and work full time. Fortunately, VМware has a training program called Talent Boost. All employees can join this program as mentors or lectors for a desired topic. Two years in a row, I was the lector for the Hash lecture. I was very impressed by the academy since all members are very passionate about it. We all believe that the most important thing is whether the students have mastered the well-learned knowledge.

Also, as I said, it is essential to learn new things. VMware constantly offers different courses like C++ advanced, Docker, k8s that are free for all employees. Also, we can use various platforms like LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) and Pluralsight.

Tell us more about your role at VMware.

I am currently part of the vRealize Automation team. I worked on many different topics of our product. Last year I was part of the team which introduced a new role-based access authorization model in our service. Also, I worked on many exciting tasks related to the integration of the different public cloud providers. Currently, I’m working on the billing of our product, and thus, it allows me to work directly with our customers and project managers. I believe that it is good to understand the product as a developer and as a client. All this can give you a better overview of how your work helps in fitting our customers’ use cases.

What has it been like to work at VMware?

It has been great, and I am truly impressed by the company’s EPIC2 values! Last year was tough for all of us, but the company ensures our safety. We were able to work remotely, and I was very thankful to the company that it allowed us to stay close to our families in these challenging days. There is even more – now we can work remotely even after the pandemic. Of course, let’s not forget my team, who is also a key contributor to loving this company – before the pandemic, we often gather for lunch or outdoor activity.

How do you balance work and life in a remote environment?

At first, it was a little bit difficult to differentiate personal time and work time. Sometimes when I work from home, I don’t feel how the time passes, and it has already become evening. That’s why I decided to work after 6:00 PM only if there is some emergency or my service is required immediately.


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