The Weekly Scrum

The Weekly Scrum: Teodora Dimitrova

Ever since I realised I wanted to become a developer, it has been my dream to work for VMware.

Ever since I realised I wanted to become a developer, it has been my dream to work for VMware. My boyfriend worked for VMware Bulgaria and he encouraged me to apply for a position in vRA. I didn’t feel ready and I was very nervous for the interview process. The interview with the team members however was more like a discussion where you can show what you know. I felt so much at easy, we even had a good laugh at one point and I remember thinking  “Yes, I want to work with these people and learn from them”. I was very happy when I learned that the team and my current manager felt the same way and I was about to fulfil my dream.

My first few days in the company were pretty exciting. I met amazing people and to this day I feel grateful to have the privilege to work with and learn from them. The onboarding process was enjoyable and made it easy for me to feel a part of the VMware family right away. I loved how the first two weeks were filled with introductions to the product and the technologies by members of the team. I started getting to know the people as well as understand the product, and this allowed me to start contributing with different tasks pretty quickly.

The following few weeks I worked on a few small tasks and bugs, to understand the product better and get a chance to debug it a bit into details. I had great support of my mentor, who was ready to answer all kind of questions I had along the way. I was very happy that I was able to work on a product that was built on the best programming practices, to explore different architectures and styles of coding and of course to learn along the way.


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