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The Complete U: Dora Kuzmanova

The Complete U is a video series telling the stories of the people at VMware – what drives them, what they do at work and outside of work and what makes them stay @VMware.

Meet Dora – Sr. Financial Analyst at VMware, passionate mountaineer and active member of VMware’s internal volunteer organization – Sofia Heroes.

Tell us what you do at VMware.

Right now my main focus as part of Central Sales Finance Team is planning and reporting of bookings or these are the non-cancellable contracts where customers committed to purchase VMware products. We work on our Annual Plan together with the Sales Teams and the rest of FP&A teams until we get to single view for the entire company.

What’s one favorite thing about your job?

A big part of what I do is Ad-hoc. The Senior management and leadership team relies on our team for numerous reports and analysis of cases that arise from the way the business is running. I love this aspect of my job – it’s dynamic and stimulating and I learn a lot by deep diving in so many and diverse cases.

What’s one favorite thing about working at VMware?

The opportunity to learn. Doing that through daily tasks or the chance to change teams and job roles is part of the company culture.  I’ve changed my role in beginning of this year moving from Channel Finance to Central team. I’ve changed my focus couple of times in the last 4 years which is continuously broadening my horizon.

Tell us about your volunteering work.

The causes that I’m naturally drawn to are related to nature and saving the environment.   Right now our team is participating in an initiative called by collecting chestnuts and acorns – the goal is to plant 1 million trees and it is close to success.  
 VMware as a company is supporting actively the volunteering work of its employees and I deeply appreciate this. Our internal volunteering organization is called Sofia Heroes – it has more than 100 members and is growing. We’ve worked on many project and have enjoyed the time spent together united by the idea of doing good. Some of the cool perks of working at VMware in this domain include 40 paid hours to work on our favorite causes and matching employees donations by the company.

Dora with her friends from Sofia Heroes – VMware Bulgaria internal volunteer organization

One fun fact about you.

I spent my honey moon in Sybir.

Interested in joining VMware Bulgaria’s team? 

Check out our open roles here.


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