The Weekly Scrum

The Weekly Scrum: Gergana Petrova

The Weekly Scrum series takes you in the kitchen of VMware Bulgaria dev teams. Learn what their work process looks like and what makes them stick around.

I wanted to work for a product company and a close friend told me that VMware Bulgaria had open positions for mobile developers to create the Boxer team here in Sofia. I felt uneasy about the interview process, but my actual experience was very pleasant and I figured this was a good sign.  I expected that the interviews will feel like an exam, but it was the opposite – I had a couple of sessions with the managers and after that with the developers from the team. The interviews were more like a discussion allowing me to show my knowledge rather than following a strict questionnaire.

Week one from my new adventure started with a quick setup of my work laptop, a couple of online trainings to learn more about VMware, the processes and the products, setting up the Boxer project and exploring the code. I raised my first pull request on the third day and even though it was a really small one, I remember the excitement that I felt. All of my new colleagues were extremely nice and helping me a lot with the introduction to the project.      

Week three, I was already working with one of the new features – dark mode. Working on that I was able to gain better knowledge of the code. By then I had worked on a couple of bugs and I had more confidence. I really liked that having worked for less than a month, I was already able to share my ideas and discuss them with everyone. As a new team we were getting used to working together. It was and still is a really interesting experience. We are constantly working to improve our product and the processes which is one of the most valuable things for me.

So here I am, nine months working for the Boxer team as an iOS developer and I’m really enjoying it.

VMware Bulgaria mobile dev team is hiring. 

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