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The Complete U: Alex Dimitrov, Software Engineer

“The complete U” is a series of videos in which we take a closer look at the people in our community and their perspective of what it feels to work at VMware. Creating a workplace that empowers each of us to bring our whole self to work and feel a sense of belonging is a priority at VMware. Here we can be the complete versions of ourselves & so does Alex.

Tell us what you do at VMware.

Wow. A lot of things, really. My main goal is to solve the problems of our customers. This dissolves into designing solutions, collaborating on ideas, writing code, doing code-reviews, participating in interviews and many, many other things. But that is not all. I also make friends, pick up new hobbies, get inspired by my colleagues.

What does your work day look like?

There are two types of days. The regular one I try to organize like this: the important tasks that I need to work mostly on my own I do in the morning. The afternoon is usually busy with various meetings, slack, email, various  discussions. If I manage to squeeze a set of foosball games – it is perfect. But there are other types of days – the powder days. Then the morning is reserved for skiing. Once I get into the office the plan is for an ultra-focused work time. Doesn’t happen always. Depends on how exiting the morning was. In those cases I usually catch-up with the work in the evening.

What’s the most exciting thing about your job?

Two things – the people and the problems we solve. In this order. The team here is really strong as professionals and very diverse and interesting as humans.

You’ve been working at VMware for 12 years. What keeps your interest in the things you do here?

I guess it is mostly the right fit between the company and me. What the company can offer me as challenges, opportunities, environment, compensation and what I can give back to it. It is also exciting to be part of the journey of the development of the Sofia office. How it grew, expanded and claimed ownership of critical areas for VMware from the beginning until today.

You talk about working with various technologies every two-three years. Do you have a favorite project you’ve worked on? 

It is like asking which of my kids is my favorite.  There were hard projects, there were very undefined projects, stressful projects, all kinds of projects and technologies. From each I try to learn and grow, so I really cannot tell which one is my favorite. I definitely, however, remember clearly my first one and definitely I am laser focused on my current one.

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