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The Complete U: Teodora Todorova Hristov, Technical Marketing Expert

“The complete U” is a series of videos in which we take a closer look at the people in our community and their perspective of what it feels to work at VMware. Creating a workplace that empowers each of us to bring our whole self to work and feel a sense of belonging is a priority at VMware. Here we can be the complete versions of ourselves & so does Teodora.

Tell us what you do at VMware.

I’m a technical marketing content creator. Love to say my job title, it’s so short. What I do – I mostly create content – capture demos, direct animated videos, present on different events, and write blogs about our HCI products.  It is a challenging job when it comes to explaining a deep technical matter in a simplified way, but it’s also very engaging, and gives me the possibility to stay tuned and be informed about the latest features and innovations.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

The possibility to create something from scratch, to sit down in front of the white slide of PPT and to be able to create a scenario for an animated video or write a blog, it’s quite a fulfilling experience.

What excites you and what challenges you at work?

It excites me that I manage to produce content that helps people work better with our products. I try  to think  about  what is the feeling  to be on the other  side and  think as a person who searches for answers related to our products, what  exactly the questions that these people want to ask are, and write or produce an article that will give these answers.

Can you give us some tips on how to stay balanced and relaxed during a stressful workday? 🙂 

Wow, well it is a cliché, but I always like to remind myself that a lot of things seem impossible until they’re done. That and yoga, or any kind of sport, and water. Honestly, it’s not alchemy but it works – yoga helps you start breathing properly in the morning, prepare your muscles for the though day that’s coming, and most importantly – no one  dares to bother  a person that does yoga exercises 😉. Keep that in mind!

Tell us about a recent initiative that you organized together with the VMware Green Team you’re part of. 

Human Superpower, this is the name of our last initiative– we want to encourage people to drive less and walk, run, bike instead. Therefore, we have organized a game where everyone can track the kilometers they have chosen to walk, run, or bike instead of driving a car, keeping score in a group on our internal social platform. We’ll announce a winner in the end of each month. This way Green Team Sofia would like to raise awareness around one of the most valuable assets that we have to try and preserve – air. There have been some serious levels of pollution in Sofia, and the forecast is showing that we might experience the same in the future. Stay safe, relaxed and breathe.

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