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VMware keeps the #1 spot in Hyperconverged Infrastructure, According to IDC, and Counts Over 20,000 Customers

In their most recent release, IDC’s Converged Systems Tracker for Q1 2019 showed VMware as the market leader with over 41% market share, based on ownership of HCI software. In addition to the IDC data, in our most recent earnings call, VMware announced that over 20,000 organizations have adopted vSAN to power their hyperconverged infrastructure, adding over 100 customers per week in the latest fiscal quarter.


IDC Data Shows VMware vSAN with Over 41% Market Share

In the most recent quarter, Q1 2019, VMware vSAN led the market in share based on systems running HCI software, an astounding 66.3% growth. During the quarter, the overall market grew at an impressive 46.7% rate, but vSAN blew past that—growing more than 40% faster than the market.

Through that growth, vSAN captured additional market share and continues to lead the HCI market with 41.1% share. This market share is composed of vSAN sold on ReadyNode servers, jointly certified servers by VMware ReadyLabs and the OEM server partner, and Dell EMC VxRail, a jointly-engineered, turnkey HCI appliance.


IDC Hyperconverged


vSAN Transforms IT Organizations: Highlights from 20,000 Customer Stories

With over 20,000 customers, vSAN has helped IT organizations of all sizes across all industries evolve to meet their business challenges. Here are a few stories showing how vSAN has fueled digital transformation.

Angel Medflight Accelerates IT Operations

IDC Hyperconverged

“Without VMware, I don’t think we would have the uptime or the reliability to be able to perform what we do on a global scale and do what we do best – save patient lives.” — Paul Green, CIO, Angel Medflight

  • Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services is a full-service medical transportation provider of air ambulance, ground ambulance and commercial medical escort for critically ill and injured patients.
  • They recently were in need of an infrastructure refresh, as slow IT systems were causing unacceptable delays and affecting operations.
  • By adopting VMware HCI, vSphere 6.7 and vSAN 6.7, they experienced a significant performance increase, reducing time spent on storage operations by 40%.


William Hill Increases IT Agility and Efficiency

IDC Hyperconverged

“vSAN has worked astonishingly quick. Deduplication and compression rates are at 240%. This will have a huge impact on the business.” — Ben Fairclough, Infrastructure Architect, William Hill

  • William Hill is a leading player in the fast-moving, highly competitive global gaming market, based in the United Kingdom. While they wanted to improve how they deliver new services – time to market is critical – the business must also control costs and maintain high levels of security.
  • William Hill’s traditional infrastructure approach – blade chassis and storage arrays, was failing to support business agility.
  • During a Proof of Concept, “the VMware vSAN solution proved to be 30% faster to build, deploy and optimize than the competitor, and with deduplication and compression, and there was a 1.5x di­fference on VMware.”


Cubic Mission Solutions Reduces Weight of Edge Computing Solutions by Over 90%

IDC Hyperconverged

“We wanted a virtualized storage solution that would allow the military to reduce equipment weight and the cost of their missions by using our small form-factor servers for their field storage needs, but it had to be absolutely reliable and performant under battlefield conditions.” — Tom Lynott, Director of Software Architecture, Cubic Mission Solutions

  • Cubic Mission Solutions helps the U.S. military and its allies get fast access to information to coordinate and execute their missions by providing secure communications and wireless solutions in a small form factor that can be easily deployed under any conditions.
  • “The lighter transportation weight significantly reduces fuel costs, and we’re saving our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in redundant storage arrays that they no longer have to purchase.”

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