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VMware NSX® Automation Fundamentals

This book explores how VMware NSX® delivers the power of automation. VMware NSX Automation Fundamentals brings guidance and knowledge on designing the automation for the software defined data center (SDDC), unlocking NSX’s full potential to provide the flexibility and agility needed by enterprises today.

VMware NSX improves the network and security posture of the SDDC by fundamentally changing the approach for networking and security. Through NSX’s open API model, organizations can select the automation solution best aligned to their operational practices. VMware NSX has already helped over a thousand organizations design, deploy, and manage their SDDCs.

VMware NSX Automation Fundamentals delivers the roadmap to understanding networking and security automation challenges in today’s data centers. It demonstrates the fundamental nature of NSX in the data center architecture while detailing integrated solutions for both VMware and third party offerings (e.g., VMware vRealize® AutomationTM, OpenStack, Puppet, Chef, PowerNSX) that assist in creating networking and security components on-demand.

 NSX Fundamentals


Caio Oliveira,

NSX Staff Systems Engineer, VMware







Thiago KogaThiago Koga,

Networking & Security Staff Systems Engineer, VMware





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