ESXi-Arm Fling Twitter Digest #2

It’s been more than a month since the last update. Sorry. This means this post is going to be a bit long, and it might also miss something really important or cool. So let us know in the comments if something should be listed!

While not related to Twitter buzz, we have also launched a VMTN Community page now for the ESXi-Arm Fling. See you there!

  1. VMware Photon OS 4.0 now in OVA form for ESXi-Arm!

  2. Capturing Raspberry Pi temperatures using a custom driver written by VMware’s own Tom Hebel!

  3. There’s just no stopping Tom – now his driver + scripts can grab a screenshot from the Pi’s video console.

  4. Oracle Linux 8 with UEK R6 works in an ESXi-Arm VM!

  5. Daniele exploring far edge compute + IoT scenarios with ESXi-Arm and Raspberry Pi 4.
  6. Vincent explains why ESXi-Arm is so important for development, prototyping, and deployment.

  7. Cyprien spills the beans on the [still wip] SVGA3 device (in case someone wants to hack together a driver!)

  8. Florian got VMware Tools to run with openSUSE.

  9. Florian also has VMware Tools running with Debian.

  10. …and Fedora :-).

  11. …and CentOS 8.

  12. Ivo has Home Assistant up and running in a VM.

  13. Huge Pi 4 cluster running ESXi-Arm.


  14. ESXi on Raspberry Pi – Scripted Installation with Kickstart.

  15. ESXi on RPi – PowerShell Functions to create EEPROM and Firmware SD Card.

  16. Power over Ethernet HAT Options for ESXi-Arm on Raspberry Pi.

  17. William Lam documents his stateless deployment solution for ESXi-Arm.