ESXi-Arm Fling Twitter Digest #1

Almost a week into the Fling, there’s already an huge amount of generated content that is very hard to catalogue and organize. It’s been amazing to see the passion and excitement from both VMware, Open Source and Arm communities. There are folks putting their heart and soul into trying things out, e.g. on late nights, building Pi clusters, pushing the envelope on what works and even doing some hardcore engineering to enable more guest operating systems to run. It was thrilling to get positive feedback on the documentation, on the quality/smoothness of the fling installation and hear all the interesting ideas and use-cases people come up with.

My main takeaway: there’s only one thing more amazing than the VMware, Open Source and the Arm communities – the combination of all three put together. You folks are amazing and we look forward to being able to delight you further in the future.

Here are my highlights of the Twitter buzz so far:

  1. First off, in what may be a hard record to beat, The Register (my personal favorite) has now a fourth article this year about ESXi-Arm! Not bad for something that’s not even a product yet 😊.

  2. vSAN witness node using a Raspberry Pi! I said it was not possible – and as usual, I was wrong, much to the delight of homelabbers worldwide. This is really cool stuff!

  3. Remember the guy who put Windows 10 on a Lumia, a HP calculator and the Nintendo Switch? Well… 🤣

  4. William Lam actually has been on fire, with multiple awesome blog posts about ESXi-Arm on his well-respected site.

  5. Check out the special vSpeaking Podcast on the Arm Fling!

  6. Veeam appears to work great with ESXi-Arm.

  7. vRealizeOps works great as well!

  8. NetBSD has gone from nothing to full working desktop with even para-virtualized  (VMXNET3) networking support, courtesy of @jmcwhatever and @rsh. Can’t wait for working images to appear on

  9. Not to be outdone by the NetBSD folks, @DarkainMX did some monumental work to get FreeBSD to boot inside an ESXi-Arm VM, including getting open-vm-tools working. There still something wrong with SMP VMs, but hey, ZFS works great!

  10. Showing off Doom inside an ESXi-Arm VM is apparently a thing 🤣.. Not to be outdone, here’s my take!