Project Monterey – Redefining Hybrid Cloud Architecture

An exciting day at VMworld today for the VMware family with the launch of Project Monterey!

Project Monterey redefines Hybrid Cloud architecture for a new generation of applications. It rearchitects what a server looks like and how workload I/O is processed. We’re doing this by putting our ESXi hypervisor on a SmartNIC in the server. This allows customers to take advantage of all the amazing network, storage and security offloads available on the SmartNIC,  by exposing these directly to VMs. Additionally, the new architecture also enables bare-metal workloads, while enjoying the benefits of unified management and VCF storage and networking services.

Kit Colbert, VP & CTO in Cloud Platform BU at VMware, has a great deep dive into Project Monterey on the official VMware vSphere blog. Please check it out.

As most SmartNICs today are built around an Arm processor, Project Monterey is one of the many ways ESXi-Arm work at VMware has been transformative.

If you’re attending VMworld, please check out the The Datacenter of the Future [HCP3004] session. You will not want to miss it!

Update: also check out Suds Jain’s blog post on Monterey and NVIDIA DPUs.