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VMware at the Arm DevSummit 2020

Exciting news! VMware is taking part in this year’s Arm DevSummit conference as a Gold Sponsor. Formerly known as the Arm TechCon, the DevSummit brings together hardware and software engineers who are passionate about Arm-based technology. The DevSummit is Arm’s premier public event, roughly equivalent to our VMworld. The conference spans all the different areas of Arm innovation: from chip design, developer tools and high-performance computing all the way to IoT, automotive, mobile and machine learning. This crazy year, like many other events, the DevSummit will be a virtual conference, with registration free for all attendees.

Last year, VMware participated in the Arm TechCon for the first time ever, and we had a booth as part of the infrastructure expo. In the booth we showcased our ongoing work on the ESXi-Arm hypervisor across a number of different market segments, from Edge Compute and IoT, to Cloud and even Arm-based SmartNICs.

There were many firsts for us at that event. It was the first time we showed ESXi-Arm running on tiny single board computers, such as the Raspberry Pi 4B or the FriendlyElec NanoPi-M4. It was also the first time we demonstrated ESXi on the Amazon AWS a1.metal instances, and on NVIDIA BlueField and Broadcom Stingray SmartNICs.

To walk down memory lane, check out these blog posts:

This year, of course, things are a run a bit different due to the virtual format. VMware is part of the talks agenda. We’re giving a tech talk to give an update and go over the current VMware strategy around Arm virtualization. I’m also part a panel of experts discussing the evolution of Arm hardware and firmware standards.

Arm-based solutions from VMware spanning On-prem and Edge (#1114)

Thursday, Oct 8th, 10:10 AM – 10:40 AM PDT

VMware is broadly known for our x86 hypervisor solutions in the datacenter. However, we’ve also developed a range of solutions around Arm processors, designed to both address new and growing markets, and complement our existing offerings for customers looking for cross-platform and unified solutions. This sessions explores the current state of VMware’s initiatives on the Arm platform.

Making Arm Devices “Just Work”! Panel

Wednesday, Oct 7th, 10:50 AM – 11:20 AM PDT

Arm is extending the system architecture standards compliance from servers to other segments of the market, edge and IoT. We introduce the new BSA specification with market segment-specific supplements and provide the operating system-oriented boot requirements recipes in the new BBR specification. We will describe the options for compliance and showcase systems certified with the new program.

Finally, VMware will have a virtual booth, and we can’t wait to see you there.