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Linaro Tech Days talk on Raspberry Pi UEFI

The Raspberry Pi UEFI work is part of the ongoing effort to extend ServerReady standards to non-server 64-bit Arm systems. VMware’s primary interest is in having a vibrant, open and supportable Arm-based Edge/IoT hardware ecosystem. It started as a collaboration between Arm and VMware, and is now a community project, officially a part of TianoCore edk2-platforms, with contributors from all over the world.

Originally, Arm’s Senior Principal Architect Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud and I were going to present the ongoing Raspberry Pi 4B UEFI work at Linaro Connect ’20 in Budapest. Of course, life had its own plans with all the lockdowns and everything, but fortunately Linaro was gracious and accommodating to host a virtual event and invite us to be a part of it.

We briefly talked about ServerReady and standardization of the server parts, mentioned the difficulties seen with current non-server parts like the Pi, described the approach taken, provided a status update on where the UEFI/ACPI “ServerReady”-like firmware is today, and left the audience with a call to action to both join the community effort and help beyond the Pi with some other devices, like Rockchip and NVIDIA-based platforms. Had some good questions from the audience, too.

The full video presentation is available on Youtube, and slides are over at LTD20 207 Making Pi ServerReady.