Hello, Arm World!

We’re happy to launch the official Arm-based technology at VMware blog. This is the go-to zone for all kinds of Arm-related R&D happening at VMware. The main focus is ESXi-Arm – the ongoing work to port our hypervisor to 64-bit Arm platforms.

What kind of content will you find here?

  • Official communications about ESXi-Arm and other Arm-related technology.
  • Write-ups on various conferences and demos.
  • Op-Ed pieces from contributing authors.
  • Links to media coverage and other blogs.

We are exploring different ways we can bring the benefits of an Arm-based infrastructure stack to customers, but there are no immediate product plans. While ESXi-Arm is not currently available to the public, we’d like to hear your feedback and explore PoC opportunities at the Edge, in the Cloud and on-prem.  If your organization is interested, please reach out to your accounts team.

P.S: what’s with the bird? That’s a ptarmigan. Both an internal code name for ESXi on Arm and the eponymous mascot for the effort. Way back in the day, the ESXi-Arm team brainstormed to come up with a cool name with an “Arm” in it. We didn’t really know what it was when we chose the name, but it ended up fitting quite well – Arm-based infrastructure is hardy and resilient, quiet and unassuming, found frequently camouflaged in remote places, has few predators and is surprisingly approachable.


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