What’s New With PowerCLI 12.6 Release

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of PowerCLI 12.6. As many of you know, with PowerCLI 12.4, we introduced a new PowerShell binding for vSphere Automation API. With this, the experience of working with vSphere REST APIs was greatly simplified. I have covered the working of new API bindings in the PowerCLI 12.4 release blog post, and you can refer to it for more information. With PowerCLI 12.6, we are extending the PowerShell Bindings to NSX Policy manager APIs.

Key Highlights

1.     PowerShell Binding for NSX Policy Manager APIs

A new module, i.e., VMware.Sdk.Nsx.Policy has been added to provide PowerShell binding for NSX Policy Manager APIs.

2.    New cmdlets for vCenter Server Appliance Management

New cmdlets have been added to manage vCenter Server appliance backups:

New-ApplianceBackupJob : This cmdlet starts a file-based backup job for a vCenter Server system to a backup server.

Wait-ApplianceBackupJob : This cmdlet monitors the progress of a backup job and returns the ApplianceBackupJob.

Get-ApplianceBackupJob : This cmdlet retrieves a list of finished or currently running backup jobs.

Stop-ApplianceBackupJob : This cmdlet stops a list of running backup jobs matching the specified parameters.

Get-ApplianceBackupPart : Retrieves a list of parts that can be included in a backup job, and their estimated backup size. Non-optional backup parts are always included in the backup.

3.     VMware SRM 8.5

The VMware.VimAutomation.Srm module has been updated to support VMware Site Recovery Manager 8.5.

4.     Bugfixes

Product /Category Cmdlet Name Description Status
HCX New-HCXMigration VM with multiple networks attached and if migration is triggered without mapping all the source networks to the target, the validation does not throw an error Fixed
HCX New-HCXMigration Initiating a Non-Mobility migration using New-HCXMigration cmdlet does not show the network mapping in the migration dashboard UI Fixed
vSAN Get-VsanView Get-VsanView throws ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ on PowerShell 7.2.2. Fixed
HCX Get-HCXVM Get-HCXVM cmdlet throws “Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path ”, line 0, position 0..” when the number of VMs available in the inventory is very big Fixed
HCX Get-HCXMigration Get-HCXMigration cmdlet throws an error if any of the migrations were triggered without providing the ‘TargetStorageProfile’ param Fixed


Please check out the PowerCLI 12.6 release notes for more details on the improvements and bug fixes.



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  1. VMware.VimAutomation.Cloud need update for work with new version API VMware Cloud Director. Now in PowerCLI 12.5 not impossible create custom vDC with $org.ExtensionData.CreateVdc() function. The implementation of this function uses deprecated API version and she is rejected VCD 10.3.x.

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