PowerCLI 12.5 – What’s New

Today, We have released PowerCLI 12.5 and with this, we are continuing to expand our cmdlet coverage to various VMware products and solutions. Below are some of the key highlights out of this release-

Release Highlights

  1. New cmdlets to support the appliance service management
  2. Support for Encrypted vMotion
  3. Support for CPU and Memory hot add/remove
  4. Support for VMC AWS Outpost
  5. Query VMC SDDC Group
  6. Support for multiple vRops adapter instances
  7. Horizon API Binding Updates with 8.4

For more details, please refer to the PowerCLI release notes here.

vCenter Server Appliance Service Management

There are 4 new cmdlets that have been introduced with PowerCLI 12.5. These are-

Get-VIApplianceService – Retrieves vCenter Server Appliance Services

Start-VIApplianceService – Start vCenter Server Appliance Service

Stop-VIApplianceService – Stop vCenter Server Appliance Service

Restart-VIApplianceService – Restart vCenter Server Appliance Service

VMware Cloud on AWS Outpost

For customers looking to extend their AWS-centric model to their on-premises datacenter, VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts is a perfect solution and available since Q3 FY22. With the current PowerCLI release we have added a new cmdlet, Get-VmcOutpost to retrieve the outposts available in the VMC organization. Also, a New -Outpost parameter has been added to the New-VmcSddc cmdlet to allow specifying the outpost to create an SDDC on.

VM Related Enhancements

            Support for CPU/Memory Hot add/Remove

There are new parameters that have been introduced to help you in setting up CPU Hot add/remove and memory hot add on a virtual machine. These parameters can be used with the Set-VM and New-VM cmdlet.

-CpuHotAddEnabled, Enable CPU Hot Add

-CpuHotRemoveEnabled, Enable CPU Hot Remove

-MemoryHotAddEnabled, Enable Memory Hot add


            Enable encrypted migration

New -MigrationEncryption Type parameters have been added to the Set-VM and New-VM cmdlet to allow enabling of encrypted migration.

Along with the above updates, the Horizon module has been updated with the new Horizon 8.4 API bindings. That is it from PowerCLI 12.5 release. Please check out the release notes for more information on the bug fixes and resolved issues.

Certificate issue while upgrading

You may encounter a certificate error while updating the existing PowerCLI module via Update-Module, as discussed here. This is due to the fact that the certificate we used to sign the modules was replaced with a new one from a new publisher. To resolve this issue, you may be required to delete the existing module and re-install the module with the Install-Module cmdlet.



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  1. Have been using VMware service for 2 years in my organization and last week I find difficulty in using my Workstation app. Not sure what was the issue but the support staff from VMware resolved immediately.

  2. I am one of the keen users of the VMware programs and get started with it Fusion and Workstation software. Before them, I have also used the programs of Autodesk but the way VMware helped me to work on my project was outstanding. However, at first it was not that easy to work with these programs. But I checked almost all of your tutorials that helped me a lot.

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