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It feels like VMworld US was just yesterday and yet, here we are, a month away from VMworld Europe! This year, VMworld continues to have all kinds of sessions related to PowerCLI. From the always popular PowerCLI Deep Dive to more specifically focused sessions on VMware Cloud on AWS, vSphere update lifecycle, vSAN, and even Horizon View. There’s also a very special session given by a member of the PowerCLI engineering team which gives an in-depth look at how new features are added automatically! If you haven’t already registered, the time is quickly slipping away!

Schedule builder is already live, so make sure to add the following sessions to your schedule and catch up with the PowerCLI team and all of the amazing PowerCLI community members!

Breakout Sessions

Session: HBI1729BE – PowerCLI Deep Dive
Date: Thursday, November 7, 10:30 – 11:30
Speakers: Luc Dekens & Kyle Ruddy
Luc and Kyle are back with another edition of the PowerCLI Deep Dive, where they’ll show you some of the advanced methods they use to make even the hardest of tasks look easy.

Session: HBI1463BE – VMware Cloud on AWS: Advanced Automation Techniques
Date: Wednesday, November 6, 15:30 – 16:30
Speakers: William Lam & Kyle Ruddy
William and Kyle will walk you through the available APIs and tooling for VMware Cloud on AWS, then demonstrate they can be used to automate all aspects of the SDDC lifecycle and workload consumption.

Session: HCI1864BE – Automating vSAN from CLI to API: PowerCLI, Govc, and Beyond
Date: Thursday, November 7, 09:00 – 10:00
Speakers: Andreas Scherr & Cedric Rajendran
Andreas and Cedric will show how to automate some of the routine vSAN tasks using the wide variety of APIs and CLIs available and at your disposal.

VMware {code} Sessions

Session: CODE2214E – How PowerCLI Makes Configuration Management Easy
Date: Tuesday, Novmeber 5, 11:00 – 12:00
Speaker: Kyle Ruddy
Kyle will cover some configuration management principles and then dive in to show the latest ways PowerCLI is using PowerShell DSC to make vSphere configuration management easy.

Session: CODE1817E – Automating vCenter Server Appliance Update Lifecycle
Date: Wednesday, November 6, 15:00 – 15:25
Speaker: David Stamen
David will show off his new community module for PowerCLI which can be used to ease the lifecycle management of the vCenter Server Appliance.

Session: CODE2649E – How PowerCLI Gives Day 1 Access to the Latest VMware APIs
Date: Wednesday, November 6, 17:00 – 17:25
Speaker: Nikola Klinkachev
Nikola, an engineer on the PowerCLI team, will provide a “look behind the curtain” when it comes to how PowerCLI can automatically interact with the latest and greatest APIs.

Session: CODE1316E – Horizon 7 Automation 101: How to Get Started with the Horizon API
Date: Thursday, November 7, 10:00 – 10:25
Speaker: Wouter Kursten
Wouter will provide an overview of the Horizon 7 API and how PowerCLI can be leveraged to simplify the automation process for those Horizon environments.

VMTN TechTalk Sessions

Session: VMTN5092E – Clones as a Service
Date: Wednesday, November 6, 12:45 – 13:00
Speaker: Dan Belmonte
Dan will cover how both linked clones and instant clones can be incredibly useful for development environments and how PowerCLI can be used to create them.

Hands on Labs

Lab: SPL-2012-01-SDC_E – VMware vSphere Automation – PowerCLI
Date: Anytime the HOL area is open and available
Get hands-on with VMware PowerCLI. Gain familiarity with the tool, and then dive deeper into the functionality available with real world examples. Both new and experienced users are sure to learn something new about automating their environments.

Session: ELW-2012-01-SDC_E – Expert-Led Workshop – VMware vSphere Automation – PowerCLI
Date: Monday, November 4, 14:00 – 15:30
Date: Thursday, November 07, 11:45 – 13:15
Speaker: Peter Kieren
Peter will show attendees how to get hands-on with VMware PowerCLI. You will gain familiarity with the tool, and then dive deeper into the functionality available with real world examples.


VMworld Europe continues to be the premier event in EMEA to learn about PowerCLI. Come hear directly from the PowerCLI team, as well as numerous community members, how you can harness PowerCLI to automate even the most difficult of tasks.

Make sure you’re registered for VMworld today!


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