PowerCLI Docker Image Updated

With the official releases of PowerShell 6 Core and PowerCLI 10.0, I am happy to announce that the PowerCLICore Docker image has been updated with all the latest packages!

In the new build, we’re running the latest PhotonOS container, more streamlined than ever! Our PhotonOS team has been hard at work making it easy to install PowerShell on PhotonOS v2:

In addition to the latest PowerShell, we’re installing PowerCLI 10, PowerNSX, and PowerVRA from the Microsoft PowerShell Gallery, making future updates extremely easy!

The PowerCLI Example Scripts are in there too! The modules are installed and ready to use, and the example scripts from the community are in /root.

So what are you waiting for? Take it for a spin today!


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  1. You can now easily start up a PowerCLI environment in under a minute with only two easy commands! This is particularly beneficial if you need to do a few tasks interactively with the cmdlets before discarding the environment.

  2. With only two simple commands, you can effortlessly set up a PowerCLI environment in under a minute! This is especially useful if you need to perform a few interactive actions with the cmdlets before deleting the environment.

  3. There are a few things to consider if you want to do something more complicated, such as run an existing PowerCLI script and possibly save its results.

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