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New PowerCLI Based Training Course!

VMware Education ServicesIt’s been a while since a new PowerCLI related course has been released by VMware Education, but they heard the requests and have released a new 5-day course! The course is titled “Data Center Automation with vRealize Orchestrator and vSphere PowerCLI” and will take experienced vSphere administrators down the path of automating their day to day tasks.

Attendees will gain a wealth of knowledge about PowerCLI and vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) based automation tips and tactics, regardless of their experience level. The course will set the ground work by covering some high level automation principles and then dives right in on the vSphere API. Upon learning the importance of the vSphere API as well as how it’s utilized, it’s PowerCLI time! Attendees will learn the basics, such as using the cmdlets, setting variables, and invoking PowerCLI object methods, then get into some more advanced concepts like accessing the underlying API and using the Onyx fling.

The rest of the course will cover vRO by making sure the attendees understand the basics, how to use and create workflows, how to tie in Windows PowerShell, and finally combining vRO and PowerCLI together to perform some guest operation activities.

The course is jam packed with lots of automation and PowerCLI goodness, and is certainly a must attend.

To find out more information and sign-up, head over to the VMware Education site’s for the Data Center Automation with vRealize Orchestrator and vSphere PowerCLI course.

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Kyle Ruddy

About Kyle Ruddy

Kyle Ruddy is a Senior Technical Marketing Architect working for VMware R&D in the Cloud Platform Business Unit. Kyle currently focuses on vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS automation and the associated automation frameworks including all things API, CLI, and SDK. Kyle is also a Microsoft MVP and long-term vExpert whom can be found blogging on VMware blogs, http://blogs.vmware.com/vSphere and http://blogs.vmware.com/PowerCLI, and his personal blog, https://www.kmruddy.com. His Twitter: @kmruddy

3 thoughts on “New PowerCLI Based Training Course!

  1. J Hook

    this site is really good
    thank you for this great work

  2. vikrant

    Wow, that’s great . I really want to learn about data center automation with vRealize orchestrator and vSphere PowerCLI and VMware education is providing me a chance to learn about these things. The best part of this course is that this is a online course and we can attend this course from anywhere .This course will set the ground work by covering some high level automation principles and then dives right in on the vSphere API.
    I am going to attend this course . Thank you very much for sharing this information.

  3. Ravi Raviskanthan

    This is no doubt an excellent course!

    I persuaded my manager to approve funding and this course have been cancelled thrice in the last two months, due to lack of interest. I sincerely hope VMware conducts this class room training even with limited number of students.


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