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Updated Book: PowerCLI Book 2nd Edition

9781118925119.pdfThere is a new book on the market for PowerCLI, well I say new but really I mean updated but that does not by any means make it less valuable! The first edition of this book was a great success and I personally often ran into many people who would use this as the go to place to learn about real world examples of how to achieve common tasks with PowerCLI and how to take their PowerCLI knowledge even further.

Now there is a second edition of the book with a star studded list of authors, some of which have changed since the first edition.  With names like Luc Dekens, Jonathan Medd, Glenn Sizemore, Brian Graf, Andrew Sullivan and Matt Boren this book should take pride of place on any good VMware Admins desk who wants to achieve automation and make their lives easier.

So what’s changed?

Well, firstly the VMware products! The first version was written in in 2010 and published in 2011, since then PowerCLI and also the VMware products have been enhanced dramatically to include new versions and new features which all need automation.  Secondly the skills of the people writing it, I know personally that when I go back and look at scripts I may have written a couple of years ago I cringe and wish I had time to go back and use the latest version of PowerShell and my updated PowerShell super powers to ensure the scripts are bang up to date an as efficient as they need to be.  This book has certainly done that, its been updated so that you can automate the latest and greatest features and use the latest and greatest PowerShell versions with all then enhancements it provides.  For example, the addition of the following product areas in the book make the 2nd edition a must for even those who own the first edition:

  • vCloud Director
  • vCloud Air
  • vRealize Orchestrator
  • Site Recovery Manager
  • PowerActions
  • and an introduction to DevOps topics

Where can I buy this awesome book?

The following links can be used to purchase the book:

Amazon USA

Amazon UK



More Information

Jonathan has written a great blog post on not only the book but also an insiders perspective on what it took to update the book.  Personally as I was unable to give the time needed to update this book I can only congratulate the authors for an awesome job and the time they dedicated. Read Jonathans post here:

The sample scripts that are written in the book can be found on the Wiley page here:


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  1. Thank you very much for sharing the details of PowerCLI Book 2nd Edition. This book is really a very good to learn more about how to automate the latest and greatest features and how to use the latest and greatest PowerShell versions . Thanks once again for sharing. It is really a helpful.

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