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vCloud Air On-Demand PowerCLI Evaluation Module

It is our pleasure to announce the evaluation of PowerCLI for vCloud Air On-Demand, this is an updated module which replaces your current PowerCLI 6.0 vCloud Air module and enables you to make a connection to the On-Demand portion of vCloud Air and use all other automation cmdlets to work with vCloud Air.

Whether it be reporting, provisioning or configuration, PowerCLI is a great tool to work with both your on-premises VMware environment and also your vCloud Air resources.

Download and Install Instructions

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PowerCLI Customer Spotlight #4: Amy Manley


As we continue to highlight PowerCLI users in the community and find out more about them, we are excited to introduce Amy Manley! Continue reading

Using VMware Instant Clone via PowerCLI Extensions Fling


In the last post I anounced the new PowerCLI Extensions fling, which allows admins to leverage the Instant Clone abilities found in vSphere 6. Today I’m going to walk you through how to use it.


To be able to fully leverage PowerCLI Extensions, you will need to meet the following requirements Continue reading

VMware Instant Clone is now at your fingertips with the updated PowerCLI Extensions fling!



At VMware we are pleased to announce the publishing of a new fling:  PowerCLI Extensions! PowerCLI Extensions gives PowerCLI users access to early access functionality by extending the core PowerCLI cmdlets to include new experimental features and gives PowerCLI customers the ability to provide early feedback. So what is included in this fling? Read on…

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