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PowerCLI Customer Spotlight #2: Luc Dekens


Continuing our new blog series that spotlights individuals who use PowerCLI, how they learned it, and what they’ve done with it, I am pleased today to spotlight a major contributor to the PowerCLI community, Luc Dekens! Continue reading

Find those PowerCLI Commands You Just Lost


Writing code may be somewhat a challenge for some people. Hopefully, the more you work with PowerCLI, the easier it will become for you.

In the meantime, one of the hardest things to deal with is FINALLY figuring out the commands you were trying to get to work, only to lose it after running through your script. Ever done that? instead of working in the PowerShell ISE, or another script editor, you just keep working in the PowerCLI console and once you figure out that missing piece to your script, you get excited and run it all… Well, sometimes this is ok, other times, as you key-up through previous commands (Up-Arrow) you realize that PowerCLI won’t let you go back as far as you need to… Continue reading

PowerCLI Customer Spotlight #1: Josh Atwell


PowerCLI Customer Spotlight

I am pleased to announce that we are starting a blog series that spotlights users in the community, their accomplishments, and their successes with PowerCLI. I look forward to introducing members of this great community and their experiences to you. I hope that you will all be able to learn from each individual and that it will inspire you to continue to learn and leverage PowerCLI to help you in your current and future endeavors. Continue reading