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Get-View Part 2: Views and Extension Data

In Get-View Part 1: Introduction I introduced the advanced feature Get-View and a little bit about what it does. Before getting into the views and extension data topic I wanted to add a few thoughts as a segway into this post.

Get-View Part 1: Introduction to Get-View

I’ve had several people ask to understand more about Get-View. I will be doing several blog posts on this topic to hopefully help educate on what Get-View is and why it’s useful.

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: Extension Data
  • Part 3: Performance Impact

***Note: Get-view is a more advanced feature of PowerCLI. Administrators are able to fully utilize the benefits of PowerCLI without needing to learn Get-View. However, Get-view opens the door for even more flexibility and power in controlling your virtual environment.

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