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Announcement: Future Cmdlet Deprecation


As many of you saw our last post “Changes to Future PowerCLI Prerequisites” which discusses a few changes that will be occurring starting in our our next release, we also wanted to make you aware of a few cmdlets that we will be deprecating as of the next release. Continue reading

Announcement: Changes to Future PowerCLI Prerequisites



Our PowerCLI team has been making great strides in working toward the next release. In doing so, we wanted to give everyone a heads up on one of the improvements taking place. Continue reading

Feature: PowerCLI 5.8 r1 – Filtering by Tags

Screenshot 2014-11-19 10.31.56

What are tags?

For those of you just starting with tags, tags are a relatively new function to allow users to add metadata to objects allowing those objects to be categorized. This means that by adding tags, objects in your virtual environment can be more sortable/searchable.

What would I Continue reading