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New Release: VMware vSphere PowerCLI 5.8 Release 1

I am pleased to announce that vSphere PowerCLI 5.8 R1 is now Generally Available to the public. With this comes new features and extensibility into Storage policy based management, Easily deploy OVF/OVA files with new configuration options, Support for newer versions of vCloud Director (vCD), vCloud Air, Site Recovery Manager (SRM), and more!

Below is an overview of the updates that you can find within this latest release.

What’s New

Storage Policy cmdlets – a new snapin is available called VMware.VimAutomation.Storage.which provides access to a number of new cmdlets that allow you to work with Storage Based Policy Management.

This snapin contains the following cmdlets:image

  •      Get-CompatibleStorage
  •      Get-SpbmCapability
  •      Get-SpbmComplianceStatus
  •      Get-SpbmEntityConfiguration
  •      Set-SpbmEntityConfiguration
  •      New-SpbmRule
  •      New-SpbmRuleSet
  •      New-SpbmStoragePolicy
  •      Set-SpbmStoragePolicy
  •      Get-SpbmStoragePolicy
  •      Export-SpbmStoragePolicy
  •      Import-SpbmStoragePolicy
  •      Remove-SpbmStoragePolicy

Improved support for OVF/OVA deployment and configuration

Deploying VMware and third party products which are packaged in an OVF/OVA format is now much easier by providing the Import-vApp cmdlet with new configuration options that can be easily explored and set with the new Get-OVFConfiguration cmdlet.

  • Get-OVFConfiguration allows you to query an OVF/OVA for deployment properties
  • Import-vApp cmdlet now has an OvfConfiguration parameter which allows for OVFProperties to be passed during deployment


  • Added a ‘filter by tag’ to the remaining Get- cmdlets:
    • Get-Cluster
    • Get-DatastoreCluster
    • Get-Folder
    • Get-ResourcePool
    • Get-DistributedSwitch
    • Get-Datacenter
    • Get-VApp
  • Added filtering support to the Datastore provider
  • Added filtering support by both DistributedSwitch and VMHost to the Get-VMHostNetworkAdapter


Error Reporting

  • Enhanced error reporting by including more details in error messages returned by cmdlets.

vCloud Director

  • Supports vCloud Air and vCloud Director with the latest vCD APIs (vCD 5.6.3)
  • vCloud Director cmdlets have been extended to include the New-CIVM and Get-CIVMTemplate cmdlets to allow deploying new VMs in VCD or vCloud Air.
  • The New-CIVapp cmdlet has been extended with a new parameter set, allowing you to create an empty vApp.

Site Recovery Manager

  • You can now work with vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.8 public APIs, as support has been added for the SRM cmdlets to be compatible with this version.


  • Ability to pass SpbmStoragePolicy objects to the RelatedObject parameter of Get-HardDisk and Get-VM cmdlets
  • Other bug fixes and general performance enhancements have been made to various PowerCLI cmdlets

Stay tuned for frequent blog posts that go in-depth on each of these new updates.

The above list is a high level list of the updates made to vSphere PowerCLI, for a more comprehensive list including all parameter and functional improvements, security enhancements, and deprecated features, see the vSphere PowerCLI Release Notes and the vSphere PowerCLI Change Log.

For more information on specific product features, see the VMware vSphere PowerCLI 5.8 Release 1 User’s Guide

For more information on specific cmdlets, see the VMware vSphere PowerCLI 5.8 Release 1 Cmdlet Reference

Download and Install PowerCLI 5.8 Release 1 today from here.

Download and Install PowerCLI for vCD and vCloud Air Tenants 5.8 Release 1 today from here.

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Brian Graf

About Brian Graf

Brian Graf is a well-known VMware evangelist in the IT community. Over the past 5 years, Brian has done Technical Marketing for PowerCLI Automation and ESXi Lifecycle, Product Management of vCenter Distributed Resource Management features (DRS & HA), and is currently working as a Technical Marketing Manager for VMware Cloud on AWS. Brian is a co-author of the PowerCLI Deep Dive 2nd edition book. He has helped develop VMware certification courses and exams and presents around the world at VMware User Conferences, AWS Summits, Interop, as well as other industry Conferences. Brian is also a Microsoft MVP.

11 thoughts on “New Release: VMware vSphere PowerCLI 5.8 Release 1

  1. Max

    Don’t know where to write it…
    There is a bug in PowerCli in Get-VMStartPolicy cmdlet
    It simply does not work on some systems (include mine)

    When vmAutoStart.xml contains systemDefault instead of SystemDefault (note first small letter) it cause exception

    also, Web client set string values in small case and c# client in title case, and if AutoStart set to ‘none’ by web, standalone client read this as ‘powerOn’

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  5. Janice McClellan

    I am looking for end of support dates for VMware Power Client v5.5.x, VMware Tools v9.0.x and VMware vSphere Client v5.1…I did not see these items listed on the VMware Lifecycle Product Matrix. Can you provide an EOS date for these products or tell me which products on the VMware Lifecycle Product Matrix that these items are a part of? Thank you.

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