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Version 2.0: vCAC Prereq Automation Script


There have been a lot of downloads of my initial vCAC Prereq Automation script that I released in December 2013. I had written that specifically for Server 2008 and as some of you found out, it didn’t work for Server 2012. Although there was only a slight modification needed, many were unsure of what to change. This led me to creating v2 of the script, which also includes another feature.


I received an email last month from a customer who had run into issues running his script (modified to work for Server 2012) in that, if the 2012 machine is not connected to the internet, it fails to run the prereq script successfully. This is due to the .Net framework 3.5 files not being installed by default in the latest OS. When installing the Windows Feature, it reaches out to Microsoft’s servers to download the needed files. Our customer’s VM’s are located in an isolated environment and therefore, the script would fail.

The solution to this has been added to v2 of this script. v2 will run on both Server 2008 and Server 2012, as well as if it is not connected to the internet.

What’s New?

The script will now read the OS version upon startup and set the prerequisites accordingly. When it goes to install the Windows Features it will try to ping (this can be substituted for any other site or location). If this is unsuccessful it will then check a variable ‘$installsource’ (which can be defined by editing the script prior to running) to see if the folder exists. If it does, the script will continue. If the folder does not exist, it will then ask you to type the location of the files within the PowerShell session.


The files required by Server 2012 are located in the Operating System ISO under ‘Sources\sxs’ The default location the script is set to check is ‘D:\sources\sxs’ change as applicable.

There is no need to have multiple versions of this script for different operating systems, enjoy!

Where can I get it?

You can grab the new script HERE from my github repo.

Thank you to Chip Zoller for reaching out to me and filling me in on this find on Server 2012.


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