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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Automate Log Insight Content Packs with PowerCLI


Not too long ago I wrote a blog article on my blog www.vtagion.com about automating the deployment and configuration of Log Insight using PowerCLI. I’ve had many people ask if there is a way to automate the import process of Content Packs as well. Is it Possible? Continue reading

PowerCLI 5.5 r2 New Feature: Set vMotion Priority

In the latest release of PowerCLI (5.5 r2), is a new feature allowing us to set the vMotion priority of a VM. The ability to set vMotion priority is not new to vSphere. The feature was first introduced in vSphere 4.1. However, up until now, vMotions occuring through the use of the PowerCLI “Move-VM” command would only operate at standard vMotion priority. Continue reading

Top 3 Scripts and Tools for June 2014

Each month I will be providing the Top 3 Scripts/Tools that are making a positive impact on the community. As this is the first post of this series, some of the tools/scripts may not have been first released in June, however they are valuable scripts that users should know about. This is a way that we can not only help promote the hardworking individuals in the community, but also assist others who are may benefit from the scripts provided. Continue reading