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Working with Customization Specifications in PowerCLI Part 1

PowerCLI has several cmdlets at your disposal for managing OS Customization Specifications. In this post you will learn in more detail how to use them. In future posts we will discuss managing network interface card (NIC) mappings, cloning customization specifications and customizing VMs.

Managing customization specifications

Creating a new OSCustomizationSpec is done through New-OSCustomizationSpec cmdlet. You can create customization specifications for either Windows or Linux Virtual Machines. You specify the OS Type through the “-OSType” parameter of the cmdlet – the accepted values are “Windows” and “Linux” respectively.

When creating a Windows customization specification there are several mandatory parameters that you need to specify. These are: “Name”, “Domain” or “Workgroup”, “FullName” and “OrgName”.

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Removing IP Pools Using PowerCLI

I recently had the need to create many IP Pools (also known as Network Protocol Profiles) for some projects I have been working on. I was able to flip through my copy of  “VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference” and leverage a script on creating IP Pools. Not only did I need a way to create IP Pools using PowerCLI, I also needed a way to remove them as well. A quick Google search didn’t return any results on the topic so I went ahead and created a simple function that allows the user to remove them. Continue reading