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New Book: Learning PowerCLI

Everyone I meet sees the time that PowerCLI can save you by automating your day to day tasks, easily creating reports, troubleshooting your environment and much more but to use PowerCLI you first need to take the time to learn it, this can be achieved in a variety of methods but still the most popular is reading a book and putting it into practice.

If you are the reading kind of person then make sure you check out the existing PowerCLI Library of books:


Learning PowerCLI

There is a new book now available with the latest up to date information, it was written specifically with the vSphere Admin in mind and shows how you can easily get started using PowerCLI.Β  The book was written by community member Robert van den Nieuwendijk and published by PACKT.

The book is available in all good book stores and online book retailers such as with Amazon here.Β  Whats more you can take a look inside the book to see if its for you here.

What you will learn from this book

    • Download and install PowerCLI
    • Add hosts to VMware vCenter Server
    • Configure vSphere Auto Deploy
    • Use the esxcli command from PowerCLI
    • Create OS Customization Specs
    • Monitor virtual machine performance
    • Configure distributed virtual switches and storage I/O Control
    • Enable VM and Application Monitoring
    • Manage licenses for multiple hosts to migrate them easily
    • Configure an alarm to monitor your networks virtual machines
    • Generate a good-looking HTML report in no time

Win a copy

PACKT and Robert were kind enough to give VMware 5 copies of the book to give away here, in order to win a copy all you need to do is add a comment to this site (make sure you include your email address) telling us why you need to learn PowerCLI.

Entries will be judged by Robert and chosen by March 14th 2014, once chosen you will receive an email with a link to receive your copy of the book.

Good Luck.

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Alan Renouf

About Alan Renouf

Alan Renouf is a Product Line Manager at VMware focusing on API's, SDK's and CLI's, He is responsible for providing the architects and operators of private and public cloud infrastructure with the toolkits/frameworks and command-line interfaces they require to build a fully automated software-defined datacenter. Alan is a frequent blogger at http://blogs.vmware.com/PowerCLI a book author and has a personal blog at http://virtu-al.net. You can follow Alan on twitter as @alanrenouf.

58 thoughts on “New Book: Learning PowerCLI

  1. Martin

    Why I want this book: I would like to own a PowerCLI book so I can learn it PowerCLI the right way.

  2. Ved Prakash

    PowerCLI it the best, effective and fastest way to do stuff in a VMware World…..and I want light speed while doing VMware stuff..no Wait only Results

  3. Joshua Bushy

    I’m a recent self-taught student of powershell, and a new VMware admin. I’d like to be able to carry over the command line skills I’ve learned in Powershell to the virtual world as well, as I believe it will be a large boost to my career and abilities.

  4. Josh Crow

    I want to learn more about PowerCLI to help me automate my VMware environment.

  5. Christos

    hmmm lets see.

    I am unemployed but i need to have a basic understanding in case i ever need to use automation in vmware.

  6. Terry Renner

    I want to learn PowerCLI the right way using the best book out there!

  7. Richard Burke

    I’d like to educate myself on how I can automate using PowerCli

  8. Andras

    I would like a copy, because I want to automatize, improve the management of our 9x ESXi hosts + vCenter environment and I want to save time during the configuring. PowerCLI can help me to reduce the bulk editing time, so It could help me to do my job more efficient. It is a very common use-case to edit more than 20-50 VMs: set the same modification, e.g. change memory to 4GB, disconnect the attached ISO file from the VMs, or reboot gracefully 50 VMs with a little delay. Sometimes when I could not solve these situation I did them in the vSphere client with my hand one by one. These tasks would many times faster with PowerCLI, and zero chance to misconfigure. But there are harder tasks also, so I need to learn PowerCLI more deeply. This book would help me to develop my PowerCLI skills, so it would be really awesome to get one.

  9. Haris

    I manage small virtual enviroment and have bunch of tasks that could be done easily with PowerCLI. My knowladge is still not as sharp as it could be and I can see a potential benefit both for me and my company in developing complex PowerCLI scripts that will automate these tasks.

  10. Matthew Dartez

    Why do I want the PowerCLI Book? I need to manage 120 Nodes with 2,000 VMs so I can go beast mode in this environment.

  11. Pete

    Would love a free copy of the book to fill a gap in my resume. Love working with VMware platform and really need to become more knowledgable in command line processing. Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. shawn

    I am lazy and powerCLI lets me be

  13. Andrew

    I need to learn PowerCLI because I’m always late for work, I have long lunches, and I spend too much time watching YouTube videos.

    Learning PowerCLI would let me stay lazy and automate many tasks.

  14. Dan Tracey

    1) I need to prop up a corner of the desk in my home vSphere lab.
    2) I want to become my organisations’ PowerCLI superhero! (Or at the very least, a decent sidekick!)

  15. Kimberly

    I need PowerCLI because the export function in the vsphere client doesn’t export all the necessary information in large environments.

  16. Fabian Casanova

    To make my life of VMware administrator more easier.

  17. Karthikeyan M

    VMware administrator working in vCenter should learn PowerCLI

    1. PowerCLI Makes easier to manage VM’s in the vCenter. For instance, bulk tasks like taking snapshots
    2. It eliminates the mundane tasks which we never want to do and makes life so easy.

  18. Aravind Sivaraman

    PowerCLI is the best way to perform automation in the vSphere Infrastructure. I has basic knowledge of the PowerCLI having this book would help to automate more things which I am currently doing it manually so that I can spend some quality time in learning other VMware products. So having this book will not allow me learn only PowerCLI but also other products because it saves a good amount of time

  19. Adam Valleskey

    I need to learn powercli so I can make our vsphere world a better place!

  20. Yugi Purba

    Powecli is needed when we have a large virtual enviroment

  21. Santosh

    I am reading PowerCli ebooks

  22. Priyanka Kamdar

    vSphere power cli will be useful in automating the day to day task of VMware admins. Its ease the admnistration task.

  23. Matthias Multerer

    I Learn PowerCLI to collect and evalute some data of the vCenter and the View Connection Server. This helps to administer the environment and to generate some reports. There are several use cases for sceduled tasks.

  24. DexterPOSH

    PowerCLI C:\Dexter>Get-PowerCLIBook -Verbose | Start-Automating -Verbose
    VERBOSE: Getting PowerCLI Book
    VERBOSE: Starting with the Automation
    PowerCLI C:\Dexter> Write-Host “PowerCLI is the way moving forward”
    PowerCLI is the way moving forward
    PowerCLI C:\Dexter>

  25. Kamil Azmer

    I want this book are due to the evolve new technology begun with the automation that makes administrator doing ease and fast deployment. Beside that to operate and make the efficiency of operations more fast.

    The powercli helps on the automation process that driven into the journey of cloud and software defined datacenter builts.

  26. Shreyas Shah

    because i manage 4 different environment all over the world and i can manage all of centrally using power-cli

  27. Pradeep

    I have been in the industry for more than 9years and iam very much interested on learning powercli as i wanted to move forward through automation tasks which will be helpful for my career..Thanks.

  28. Nithin Reddy

    It is the future of management and automation of virtual environment. What else can be more usefull than a vmware guide for powercli.

  29. Amit

    I started/built my carrier with vSphere PowerCLI and I think its best at what it was meant to do..helping administrator to automate the vSphere infrastructure management easily and flexibly.
    I can’t imagine managing our testbeds without it and I want to do it more efficiently So, I think I deserve this book.

  30. asaf izak

    I would like to learn the prefect way to do authomation stuff in my vmware ENV

  31. Seif Esmailjee

    Read the book, use PowerCLI and say “I’ve got the POWER!”

  32. Antonio

    I need to learn PowerCLI to minimize manual errors and inefficiency.. and so i can make more sandwhiches.. πŸ™‚

  33. Rob

    Powershell is my primary administration tool and I’ve been given responsibility for our scripted server build process. I’d like to flesh out the VMWare portion of my build scripts and this book would help with that.

  34. Pietro Piutti

    I’d like to learn PowerCLI because life is too short to waste time clicking buttons in the C# client.

  35. Antti Hurme

    Been trying to learn powercli myself for the past few months and gotten quite far using any and all online material as well as trial and error. This has been a long process but I’ve gotten somewhat far with all of it. I’ve probably missed some of the basic stuff and there’s still a lot for me to learn regarding PowerCLI. It’s becoming more and more a must to master it as a public cloud infrastructure admin. This book would go a long way and help me with this all. Perhaps i’ll get some new things to write on my site as well πŸ™‚

  36. Barry Bates

    I have followed Alan for the last 2 years, if there is a problem with a script he know the answer, if not he finds it out. He is the PowerMan, hundreds of examples with clear advice, an excellent resource. I have used scripts on a large scale and it has saved hundreds of hours and heartache.
    You never learn enough, things change daily, trying to remember is not always easy, therefore a ref manual is your pocket bible.
    Many thanks to you and your team.

  37. Nikolai

    You should give me this book so I can become the most efficient Vmware admin possible. I would like to create tools for my fellow co-workers to increase the amount of automation in our Vmware implementations and also build more granular reports. I have a strong base in Powershell v3 and would like to expand my knowledge with the Vmware cmdlets provided by PowerCLI. I appreciate your consideration.

  38. Jacob Aguilera

    I’d recently get my certification on VMware Datacenter and I want to learn PowerCLI, focused to VMware, which is my main work all day. I’m pretty sure I’ll take advantage on it and will improve my skills too.

    Thanks for this chance.

  39. Sascha

    I want to write my own scripts, and don’t only copy yours! ,)

  40. Javier

    I’d like to use this book as a reference for developing automation scripts. We are using Orchestrator for new Deployments, but would like to greatly enhance the way we interact with the VMs. Knowledge contained in this book will surely help achieving that.

  41. Stanislav Musil

    why you need to learn PowerCLI:
    To save my time to do more work. To automation regular tasks I do everyday like ESXi installations, checks after installation. To do it just once via script instead of doing manually on each host πŸ™‚


  42. Jim Peluso

    This book would allow me to learn the nuances of PowerCLI, and how to make my existing code run smoothly. It’s all about automating the simply mundane tasks and this book could allow me to take the next step towards a SDDC. PowerCLI is a critical tool in providing Continuous delivery for a virtual infrastructure.

  43. Mike Gruen

    I’ve spent time with Dan Jones learning PowerShell and time at VMworld at the PowerCLI sessions and I’m still just getting comfortable with the capabilities of the environment and the potential for integration with our day-to-day routine. Another reference source and tool to provide folks whoi are just getting started or who would like to know more than I do would be of great benefit.

  44. winper song

    I’m learning VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference Automating vSphere administration recently.I hope this book is a better one.

  45. James S.

    Just started a brand new job as a virtualization admin using VMware products. It’d be a nice resource to have for sure!

  46. Tim Scheppeit

    I need to learn more PowerCLI, so I can start answering questions on VMTN faster than LucD.

    Nah, that’s not possible πŸ˜‰

    I work for a university where we don’t have the money to get all the fancy VMware products we’d like, so I guess PowerCLI automation is a good workaround to make our life easier without begging for more money πŸ˜‰


  47. Jimmy Montano

    Thanks for the opportunity. I’d like to educate myself on how I can automate VMware task using PowerCli

  48. John

    Hi, what about the 5x free books?:)
    “Entries will be judged by Robert and chosen by March 14th 2014, once chosen you will receive an email with a link to receive your copy of the book.”
    Have you guys already chosen the 5 lucky man?:)

  49. Robert van den Nieuwendijk

    I chose: Joshua Bushy, Andras, Nikolai, Jim Peluso, and Tim Scheppeit as the winners of a free copy of the Learning PowerCLI book. The winners will receive an email shortly.

    1. Andras

      Thank you for your copy Robert!

  50. Goulart

    As complexity increases, the only solution is to have changes done with PowerCLI.
    Streamlining and consistently configuring hosts and VMs is very difficult to do when using the various graphical interfaces: the work done yesterday will not be exactly equal to the day before.
    This seriously impacts availability: diagnosing a production system is much faster and accurate when the quality system is a perfect replica. It cannot be a perfect replica unless done with approved and version-controlled powerCLI scripts.

  51. Ghost


    I want to learn PowerCLI, which is my daily work. I’m sure that I’ll improve my skills too with this book.


  52. Phat

    Powecli is needed when we have a large virtual enviroment

  53. Peter

    PowerCLI is a must to learn and useful daily automation and reporting for my managers. Save time for administrators so they focus other critical tasks.

  54. Vittal Muttatti

    If the aim is to automate the BAU tasks, Power CLI is must have skill. I realized how painful it is to add perform some of the storage tasks like mount/unmount datastores, Add new datastores. With power cli magic, these can be done in minutes than spending hours or days. Also avoid any human error.

  55. Vikas

    It is the future of management and automation of virtual environment. What else can be more usefull than a vmware guide for powercli

  56. Vikas

    A future of management and automation of virtual environment. What else can be more usefull than a vmware powercli

  57. Palani Mahalingam

    Currently I managing and maintaining the virtual environment thru the GUI for all the works.
    Nowadays i’m receiving more activities on our environment and it took more time to get the details using the GUI, Same type of checking needs to be done on many ESXi hosts If i use power CLI (Scripting) then i can perform the activity in less time and i can use my time usefully.

    -Palani Mahalingam


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