PowerCLI 5.5 What’s New–Overview

At VMworld last week we announced that vSphere 5.5 would be released in the near future.

As part of this new release we will also introduce a new version of PowerCLI.  One of the sessions I presented last week gave detailed information on the new features which can be found in PowerCLI 5.5, the below is an overview of these features.

More detailed information will follow on this blog in the near future but here is an overview of the new features to expect:


New Cmdlets to manage vSphere Tags

  • Manage Tags in the vSphere environment
  • Assign Tags to vSphere Objects
  • Remove Tag assignments from vSphere Objects

Addition vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS) Cmdlets

  • Easy VDS Migration
  • Manage Private VLANs
  • Manage VDS Policies
  • Manage VDS Ports

VM Console cmdlet

  • Open a console for vSphere/vCloud VM
  • Open multiple consoles at once
  • Output the URL to open VM Consoles

vCloud Director 5.5 Support

  • Support for vCD 5.5

Host Licensing

  • Assign Host Licensing


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