PowerCLI Session at VMworld 2013 San Francisco

Now the Session Builder is live on the VMworld site I thought it might be valuable to the PowerCLI fans out there to know which sessions and interesting PowerCLI related topics are out there and what is available to attend.

Whilst PowerCLI is mentioned in many sessions these are the hard hitting PowerCLI sessions which you will want to attend to get the latest and greatest information.


VAPP5473 – Automated Management of Tier-1 Applications on VMware
Scott Salyer , VMware
Jeremy Kuhnash , VMWare
When managing tier-1 applications, automation can provide high levels of reproducibility, time savings and limit the occurrence of error prone manual processes.VMware vCloud Automation Center, VMware Orchestrator and PowerCLI provide a robust solution stack for provisioning and automating application management on vSphere.Tier-1 applications don’t have a high rate of change or deployment activity, but administrators still have to deal with daily tasks and maintenance activities that compete for cycles with ad-hoc requests. In this session attendees will become familiar with best practices for using VMware provisioning and automation tools for managing their tier-1 applications.Real-world examples using common tier-1 applications such as Oracle RAC and Microsoft SQL Server will be provided to put the discussion into context. After attending this session participants will understand best practices for using these tools and the framework for building automation workflows.
Wednesday, Aug 28, 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
VSVC4944 – PowerCLI Best Practices – A Deep Dive
Luc Dekens , Eurocontrol
Alan Renouf , VMware
In previous years Alan and Luc showed you some of their best practices and how to take PowerCLI one step further. This year they will dive deeper and show you some best practices you didn’t see coming.- The Software Defined Datacenter
– Taking on the MOB and winning
– From vSwitch to vDS
– Pimp your performance graphs
– Common and Cool Community Questions
– Much, much more
Monday, Aug 26, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
VSVC5931 – PowerCLI What’s New? Administrating with the CLI Was Never Easier
Alan Renouf , VMware
In recent years VMware PowerCLI has proven that managing vSphere, vCloud Director, Update Manager and VMware View with the CLI can be easy, quick and consistent, learn how the latest version of PowerCLI can take this to the next level by managing even more.Attend this session to learn about the new features in PowerCLI, also learn about the updates to PowerCLI’s existing cmdlets and see a demo of something new and cool which is sure to wow all VMware users.
Wednesday, Aug 28, 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Group Discussions

Group discussions are a great way to be more interactive, ask the questions and talk about PowerCLI in more of a group arena – Must Attend!

VSVC1005-GD – PowerCLI and Automation
Alan Renouf , VMware
Group Discussions are a good way to join together with peers, guided by a VMware expert, and discuss a VMware key topic as selected by the group.Come to this session prepared to dive-in, engage, and share best practices.

Hands On Labs

Don’t want to talk about PowerCLI? Maybe you like to get hands on with the products? make sure you attend this great HOL

HOL-SDC-1307 – vCloud Automation Solutions
VMware vCloud Automation Solutions accelerate the journey to a lights-out, fully automated, and efficient Software-Defined Datacenter. Explore vCAC, Orchestrator, PowerCLI and AutoDeploy working together to solve real-word problems. VMware Products: vSphere; vCloud Director; vCloud Automation Center; vCNS; vCenter Server; vCenter Orchestrator; vSphere PowerCLI
Captains: Joe Silvagi, Marcus Milhomem, Ryan Kelly, Sean ODell, Jim DeWitt, Zackary Kielich, Pavel Dimitrov, Kamen Nikolov
Hands-on-Labs are first come, first served and cannot be scheduled in Schedule Builder.
Hours: Sun. Aug. 25: 11am-7pm Mon., Aug. 26: 11am-7pm Tue., Aug. 27: 8am -6pm Wed., Aug 28: 8am-5pm Thur., Aug 29: 8am-3pm


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