Alan Renouf – Sr. Technical Marketing Architect

With Partner Exchange (PEX) just around the corner from Feb 11th to Feb 16th I wanted to share the PowerCLI sessions with you, there are a couple of great sessions related to PowerCLI this year as you can see from the below information.

As well as these sessions I will also be walking the floors of the Solutions Exchange chatting to the cloud providers and anyone who has anything to do with Automation or just looking to make their lives easier.

I will also be keen to talk to anyone who is thinking of creating a cloud or has a cloud at the moment using vCD, I have some cool things to show you which will help you streamline your vCD environment – Reach out to me !

(TEX1481) vCloud Infrastructure Automation – powered by PowerCLI

Speakers: Vladimir Goranov and Alan Renouf

Date/Time: 02/14/2012 2:45 PM -3:45 PM
Room: Murano 3203


Within an hour we’ll equip you with the ultimate weapon for reporting and automating vCloud Infrastructure.

Here are the ammunitions we have in the charger!

  • Get familiar with the available PowerCLI cmdlets used for reporting vCloud Infrastructure
  • Simple techniques to combine few cmdlets into a powerful report
  • Special equipment for scripting automation in cloudy weather

Become the first to plan your vCloud automation with all new capabilities of PowerCLI for vCloud Infrastructure – roadmap review You don’t have to live in the office to be an outstanding service provider.

(1548) Make customer's business fly with PowerCLI

Speaker: Laurynas Kavaliauskas

Date/Time: 02/16/2012 12:45 PM -1:45 PM
Room: Murano 3201A


Everyone talks about automation, but what do we really want to automate? What are the tools and APIs you can leverage with VMware's latest products? We will be walking you thru PowerCLI and automation use cases. We will show how simple script can accomplish in 1 minute what a team of 10 engineers can barely do in a week.