How do you use PowerCLI ?

How do you use PowerCLI ?

That was one of the questions I asked this year at both VMworld Las Vegas and also VMworld Copenhagen, there was some nice answers to this question, often people I meet are using PowerCLI in ways I never thought of, others don’t realize how powerful it actually is and how much time they can save.

This year at VMworld there was lots of great fun around PowerCLI, if you want to see how people use PowerCLI and see what the buzz was like at VMworld then please watch the below video.

If you have cool ways you are using PowerCLI make sure you add a comment to this post to tell everyone else !



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  1. I use it to create groups of linked-clones of a source vApp. Each linked-clone vApp has its own PortGroup with its own VLAN, so they are isolated from each other.
    Each one of those linked-clone vApps can be used as a source for more linked-clones, allowing for the creation of complex multi-test environments.
    This is also very useful for training kits, as each student has an exact copy of the source vApp, so they can all use the same IPs/hostnames without conflicting.
    If you want to see it in action, check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Uds_mwc9k8
    For more info visit http://vmutils.blogspot.com/

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