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PowerCLI Team Changes

VMware would like to welcome two new team members which you may have interactions with when it comes to PowerCLI:

Tsun-Tsun Ho

image Tsun-Tsun works as part of the Cloud Platform Extensibility & Automation PM team, Tsun-Tsun is responsible for our SDK/CLI portfolio around vSphere & vCloud APIs. Her focus will be to deliver our customers and partners higher levels of automation and ease of consumption around VMware's Cloud Platform.


Tsun-Tsun loves traveling, hiking and eating and she is starting to falling in love with golf.



Alan Renouf

AlanRenoufAlan works as part of our Technical Marketing team, Alan is responsible for the technical marketing side of PowerCLI. Alan is no stranger to the world of PowerCLI and has been using the product since the early beta days of the VI Toolkit. Alan’s focus will be to ensure that people are fully aware of PowerCLI and the areas where it can save VMware customers time and effort.

Alan loves extreme sports and maintaining his PowerCLI based blog: http://virtu-al.net



Please join us in welcoming our new team members.

InventorySnapshot – Automatic PowerCLI code

ISFadeAt VMware, our engineers work on lots of pet projects in their spare time, and are always looking to get feedback on their projects, recently we started a new area of the VMware Labs site to allow them to share these with you.  We call these flings !

Why flings?

A fling is a short-term thing, not a serious relationship but a fun one. Likewise, the tools that are offered in the flings area are intended to be played with and explored. None of them are guaranteed to become part of any future product offering and there is no support for them. They are, however, totally free for you to download and play around with them!


Balaji Parimi

Works in the Ecosystem Engineering group.

Ravi Soundararajan

Works in the Performance group

A recent fling which has just been released by the above two engineers is called InventorySnapshot, this fling allows a user to "snapshot" a given vCenter inventory configuration and then reproduce it. The "inventory" includes the Datacenter folders, datacenters, clusters, resource pools, vApps, hierarchy, roles and permissions, configuration settings, and custom fields. In other words, if you have an inventory with a given set of hosts and VMs organized into a group of clusters, we can faithfully reproduce this environment, including the cluster settings and custom roles you may have defined.

As a simple example, suppose you have an inventory with one datacenter (DC A), one cluster (Cluster A), and two hosts (Host A and Host B). At a high level, the fling emits a PowerCLI script that, when executed, does the following:

  1. Creates Datacenter “DC A.”
  2. Creates cluster “Cluster A.”
  3. Adds host “Host A” to “Cluster A.”
  4. Adds host “Host B” to “Cluster A.”

Notice that this can be helpful for a variety of reasons. For example, suppose you’ve spent a lot of time creating a development vCenter environment, and now you wish to deploy it in production. Using this fling, you can snapshot your “dev” environment and then run it against the “production” vCenter server, saving you the task of laboriously adding each host, creating the proper clusters and resource pools, etc.

Watch the following video to learn more about the power of this fling or head over to the InventorySnapshot page for more information.

VMworld 2011 Public Voting – PowerCLI Sessions

The VMworld sessions have now been submitted and are awaiting the public vote on VMworld.com, following on from last years successful PowerCLI session there have been 12 PowerCLI focused sessions submitted this year, what's great is to see the different ways in which they are all using PowerCLI.

Make sure you log into VMworld.com and cast your vote now !

VMworld Sessions 2011

Also, on a related subject there are a number of general PowerShell related sessions you may want to check out: