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Its been a while since we have a book dedicated to managing vSphere using PowerCLI and we are really excited about the labor of love created by Luc, Alan, Glenn, Arnim, and Jonathan (PowerCLI VIP Members)

I was fortunate enough to get a sneak preview of some of the chapters and can say you are in for a treat. The book also has a wonderful forward from Dr. Stephen Alan Herrod and Mr. Jeffrey Snover. I think my favorite chapter might be the one on the SDK where the guys do a fantastic job of showing our users how to navigate the deeper waters of the vSphere API.

So be sure to get your orders in early,,, and if you need business justification explain to your managers the amount of time you are saving by automating with PowerCLI.

Congratulations to Luc, Alan, Glenn, Arnim and Jonathan !

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