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vSphere PowerCLI – New Services to help your organization

We are extremely happy to announce new Services for vSphere PowerCLI. These services are ideal for any organization building vSphere management scripts. Remember most of the things you can do with the vSphere Client you can do with PowerCLI.

vSphere Automation Course for PowerCLI

Education is key to unleashing the full power of VMware vSphere PowerCLI. Make certain that your IT professionals have the product training they need to fully utilize your investment in VMware solutions.

Register today for our new VMware vSphere: Automation with vSphere PowerCLI course.

VMware vSphere: Automation with vSphere PowerCLI is a two-day, lab-intensive course designed to teach your IT managers, system architects and system administrators how to automate all tasks with vSphere PowerCLI. Upon completing the VMware authorized training; your team will have gained hands-on experience and obtained the knowledge to fully utilize this powerful software from the product experts—ultimately, saving your organization time and money.

The best way to ensure that your organization uses VMware vSphere PowerCLI to its fullest functionality, i.e., to automate all aspects of VMware vSphere management, is to make certain your team has the product knowledge they need to be successful. Classes are available around the world and even online. Access the course details and find the class that fits your schedule and register today.

Download PowerCLI-Training-DataSheet

vSphere PowerCLI Scripting Support:

The VMware PowerCLI Support Program provides guidance when building PowerCLI scripts. The program has primarily been targeted at ISVs and now is available to VMware Customers and Partners. The Support teams have extensive experience working with the vSphere APIs and CLIs possessing in-depth knowledge around the intricacies of the powerful vSphere APIs. This program is ideal for Independent Software/Hardware Vendors (ISVs/IHVs), commercial and enterprise organizations building solutions for managing the vSphere platform.

Support will help you answer questions such as the following:

  • Can I do this task with PowerCLI ?
  • How do I do it ?
  • I tried it, and it’s not working. Did I do it correctly?
  • It doesn’t perform like it is supposed to. Is this a bug?
  • Why are my scripts not working in the new release of vSphere?

Support is available in two service level agreements: Standard support provides a response within two business days, and Premium support provides a response within one business day. SDK Support engineers won’t write or test your code for you, but they may provide sample code to express a suggested solution. If you need help writing code, we recommend contacting your local VMware sales representative or reseller for information on additional service options. Visit our Official SDK Support site to learn more about support for vSphere PowerCLI

Download PowerCLI Support-DataSheet


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