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PowerCLI 4.1 is out

Tonight we released PowerCLI 4.1

Feature Highlights:

  • Easier to customize and extend PowerCLI, especially for reporting

    • Output objects can be customized by adding extra properties
    • Better readability and less typing in scripts based on Get-View. Each output object has its associated view as nested property. Less typing is required to call Get-View and convert between PowerCLI object IDs and managed object IDs.
  • Basic vDS support – moving VMs from/to vDS, adding/removing hosts from/to vDS
  • More reporting: new getter cmdlets, new properties added to existing output objects, improvements in Get-Stat.
  • Cmdlets for host HBAs
  • PowerCLI Cmdlet Reference now documents all output types
  • Cmdlets to control host routing tables
  • Faster Datastore provider

The complete change log is available here.

In the next few weeks we’ll present the most exciting new features with specific posts so stay tuned. In the meantime don’t forget to download and try the new release.

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