At Partner Exchange next week? Unlock the secrets of the vSphere API with “Project Onyx”!

onyx1 If you’re at VMware Partner Exchange next week be sure to come see me at my session, TEXIBP1007 – also known as “Getting Stoned with ‘Project Onyx’” on Thursday at 11:30.

If you haven’t seen it, Onyx is a tool that converts vSphere Client UI clicks into executable code, which means that instead of writing your code the hard way you just use a tool you know and love to automatically generate your code. If you can’t wait to get started you can download Onyx or visit our community.

Since it’s Partner Exchange, for one day only I’ll be wearing my developer’s hat and showing how Onyx can help you more quickly and effectively write Java code for managing vSphere.

Top 3 reasons to attend:

  1. Learn how Onyx can help you even if you’re a Java/C# developer and not a PowerCLI user.
  2. Using Onyx means no more digging around in the vSphere API docs to figure out what properties you need.
  3. Learn how Onyx can even help you debug your own applications!

Hope to see you there, it will be a fun and informative time!


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