More great resources.

Lately, Arne Fokkema’s blog has had a lot of great PowerCLI information and examples, such as this script for upgrading virtual hardware, which is great for anyone who is moving from ESX 3.5 to ESX 4.0. I’ve also added Arne to the blogroll, so be sure to subscribe to his blog.

Another great resource that’s come up in the past few months is vmwarescripting.com. This site covers all types of scripting related to VMware, but most of the content there focuses on PowerCLI. The most interesting stuff there focuses around reporting, where they have more than 25 scripts. Eric Sarakaitis also has a blog which looks like it could become a very good one.

The last is a wiki run by Wil van Antwerpen called vi-toolkit.com. Wil’s site covers a wide range of topics, including information on ESX console commands that you won’t find anywhere else. The wiki’s PowerShell page has lots of great information on using both PowerShell and PowerCLI, and is a great addition to your feeds. I especially like the script to determine every VM created in the past 30 days, which originally comes to us from Cody Bunch.


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