Stuff worth checking out.

There’s been a lot of PowerCLI-related stuff going on lately that’s worth checking out.

vProfiles and more.

Monsieur Alan Renouf has been hard at work lately and had turned out some really amazing stuff. The first is what he calls vProfiles. From the looks of it, vProfiles is still in a fairly early stage, but right now it is able to duplicate virtual switch and portgroup information between two ESX hosts via a graphical interface. Alan also posted a video showing the script in action.

vProfiles from Alan Renouf on Vimeo.

This looks really exciting and Alan is looking to improve its functionality over time to include more than just networking. Chances are it’s also very easy to extend this to apply a configuration to an entire cluster rather than just a single host, and I think we’ll see that ability pop up in the near future.

Another really cool script Alan wrote recently was SnapReminder. SnapReminder will automatically generate an email nag to anyone who has left a snapshot sitting around too long. The most notable thing about SnapMinder in my opinion is that it blends together information from VMware vSphere and Active Directory in a completely seamless way. As if that weren’t enough there are some other great scripts Alan wrote between these two that are also worth checking out.


vWire is a new product from the people who brought us Tripwire (some of us feel old when we think about the first time we used Tripwire.) Anyway, the vWire team has taken some of this knowhow and have produced a tool to monitor and analyze your VMware environment, and keep it running smoothly.

vWire has some videos that can help you get started, particularly their getting started video. vWire also offers some really powerful, SQL-based searching capabilities. You may be wondering what this has to do with PowerCLI, but vWire supports script actions, which let you run PowerCLI scripts to do things like display log files or change ESX host configuration. You can see all their content in their content library.

vWire lists for $295 per CPU + Support, and if you’ve got more than a very basic Virtual Infrastructure vWire might a great addition to your portfolio of management tools.

Lastly, but not leastly, PowerWF Studio.

I blogged about PowerWF Studio a while back on the VMware VIX blog, but since then they have also released support for PowerCLI. PowerWF Studio is a graphical workflow builder built on Windows Workflow Foundation

There are a lot of great PowerWF videos on YouTube but one of the best ones right now shows you you can take a PowerShell script you have already written and embed it in a workflow. If you’ve ever visited our communities, or read PowerCLI blogs you know that there are hundreds of really useful scripts out there that solve myriads of problems. With PowerWF it’s now easy to embed these in workflows.

As PowerWF continues to add more actions and adds the ability to talk to more and more software products it should be a tool worth watching.


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