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VI Toolkit at VMworld Europe 2009

It’s official, we will have a VI Toolkit session at VMworld Europe 2009. The session will feature me presenting all the slideware, Andrey Anastasov (the VI Toolkit architect) doing some really cool demos, and Dennis Zimmer from Icomasoft showing off a few tricks of his own. Don’t miss it!

Not only that, but we will also have a VI Toolkit hands-on lab where you can try all of this really great stuff out for yourself in a sandbox environment. Look for the labs to be announced later this week or early next week. The lab this year will also be a huge improvement over last year’s lab, as everyone will get a complete, realistic virtual infrastructure environment with multiple ESX servers, multiple datastores and plenty of VMs where you’ll be able to test drive all the new storage, network and guest automation features of our upcoming VI Toolkit 1.5 release. I hate to repeat myself but don’t miss this one either!

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